The Untold Truth Of The Notebook

  • Published on:  2/21/2017
  • If you're new, Subscribe! → Notebook, penned by the prolific writer Nicholas Sparks, took the world by storm — first, when it was released as in 1996, and then later in 2004 with the film release. The touching story, aided by the onscreen chemistry of then real-life lovebirds Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, became one of our favorite fairytale romances, our breakup-go-to, and our excuse for a good cry. But what don't we know about the story? Here is the untold truth of The Notebook...Nicholas Sparks was shocked | 0:29Everybody doesn't love Ryan Gosling | 1:07Nobody wants Noah | 2:03The other Carolina | 2:37Ugly Gosling? | 3:17Inspired by love | 4:18Rocky romance | 4:59Read more here → Untold Truth Untold Truth Of What Not To Wear Untold Truth Of Say Yes To The Dress Untold Truth Of Four Weddings Untold Truth Of Project Runway Untold Truth Of The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Untold Truth Of Flip Or Flop → us → us → → List is a women’s lifestyle site, with a twist. We pride ourselves on being original, well-researched, and without sugar-coating, but no topic is beneath us. We tackle everything from reality TV (we’re a bit obsessed!), to finding love, to living a healthy and happy life. Every video you watch is either a personal experience, advice from an expert, or meticulously sourced, so you know you’re getting info you can trust, from women who get it.


  • The List
    The List  2 years ago+101

    What was your favorite scene in The Notebook?

    CUDDLES55 2 years ago+345

    Ryan was perfect for this role.

  • Erin Phillips
    Erin Phillips 2 years ago+227

    I still can't watch the scene when Ally "comes back" for that moment without bawling like a fool.... this story is my grandparents' love story almost to the letter- she was from money, engaged to the governor's son. He was from a farm family. They met in a fender bender (500 feet from where he lives to this day) grandmother lived for 10 years in a home. It was the hardest thing my grandfather ever did. He went and saw her every, single day until she passed from Alzheimer's

  • Ashley Morales
    Ashley Morales 2 years ago+314

    that's rude of Garner. He could have at least TRIED to meet Ryan halfway. They're actors playing the same role. just seems like a giant "f you" in my opinion

  • Alain Bruno
    Alain Bruno 2 years ago+113

    I cried the first time I watched this movie❤️

  • Revolutionz1500x
    Revolutionz1500x 2 years ago+145

    This is the only "Love Story" that actually made me cry a little bit. It was the ending with James Garner crying when trying to get his love to remember him that really touched me. I guess being a guy, it's a lot harder to cry to a fictional story than it is for girls. But, the movie was so realistic and so heart felt, it's nearly impossible to not at least shed a tear or two! Great film!!!

  • Lydia Beavers
    Lydia Beavers a years ago+50

    When she doesn't remember him during the candlelight dinner in the nursing home room and she freaks out and he cries, breaks my heart. I wish love like that really existed.

  • Karla Horne
    Karla Horne 2 years ago+66

    I love the whole movie! but my favorite part is when he asks her what she wants <3

  • Stargate Orion
    Stargate Orion 2 years ago+102

    and still not over!!
    Ryan not the sexiest man in the world???????
    You got to be kidding me!!
    HE IS HOT!!

  • Belle Ame
    Belle Ame 2 years ago+119

    The Notebook is so sad. They went through a lot, but they live their love for a long time. So I feel happy for them too.

  • jokerella casper
    jokerella casper 2 years ago+193


  • Arabian
    Arabian 2 years ago+113

    You forgot to mention that they had to actualy put swan nest months prior to the lake scene so they can shoot the lake scene with swans surrounding them. They had to wait for months for the swans to hatch and find home in that lake, since when they first found the place, all swans flew away the second they stepped in the lake. alot of effort was put but it was all worth it.
    Amazing video btw, like usal :D

  • lollsazz
    lollsazz 2 years ago+25

    I'm not sur why Ryan Gossling was considered ugly - I though he was really good-looking even before he had a nose job (maybe even better before)

  • Holly S
    Holly S 2 years ago+163

    James Gardner sounds goofy! Ryan was trying to make the movie great!

  • Bunga Anggina Najah
    Bunga Anggina Najah 2 years ago+90

    I saw regina George and I clicked

  • Bubblegum Grace By: Soni Cido

    Favorite scene was when her mom came clean..

  • Nicole Morgan
    Nicole Morgan 2 years ago+56

    Seabrook is not imaginary. My Gparents have a home there.

  • Caryn Dominessy
    Caryn Dominessy 2 years ago+64

    The narration of this video is so robotic it was hard to listen to. It reminded me of listening to kids being asked to read parts for Romeo and Juliet in English class.

  • HttpKeggy
    HttpKeggy a years ago+12

    Ryan gosling was perfect to play Noah

  • Josefine Bliss
    Josefine Bliss 2 years ago+4

    I honestly don't find Ryan Gosling very attractive although he is kinda cute in The Notebook. Hm.