My FIRST TIME UNBOXING a FISH !!! (feat. Xena, my puppy German Shepherd)

  • Published on:  3/24/2019
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    My FIRST TIME unboxing a fish!!! How exciting xD

    The fish I got is a Flower Horn cichlid. I used to keep Flower Horns back in the days, but stopped for a bit. Now I’ve decided to get another, but a higher-end type, and have it rule the tank in the Exotics’ Lair. The tank that this fish is kept in was Zeus’ (my Leopard Gecko) previous enclosure. Now Zeus is in a longer enclosure, which will be better for him.

    “Why did I unbox a fish, rather than buying one from the pet store”, you may ask?
    Pet stores here sell normal-common types and hike up prices really high. This particular one is from a reputable breeder/reseller that offers “quality” specimens that are not usually found in pet stores. Plus, it’s always better to support breeders instead of many pet store chains, considering a lot of them don’t properly care for their animals.

    ** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.

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