Parkourse Trampoline Edition! (Ep. 14)

  • Published on:  7/3/2019
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  • Mackenna Donahue
    Mackenna Donahue 1 months ago+4681

    he brought back parkourse
    he brought back spyfall
    the only thing left to bring back is sean :(

  • Char_0124
    Char_0124 1 months ago+989

    Winners of each episode so far:
    1) Ryan
    2) Greg
    3) Ryan
    4) Ryan
    5) Ryan
    6) Will
    7) Sean
    8) Greg
    9) Derrick
    10) Sean
    11) Ryan
    12) Ryan
    13) Ryan
    14) Paco

  • Arsh Jafri
    Arsh Jafri 1 months ago+790

    My man Paco really out here doing the whole thing in a skirt and winning

  • Nitya Lavingia
    Nitya Lavingia 1 months ago+702

    Anyone else agree that Ryan should apply for America Ninja Warrior?? He could so make it

  • ZitroStrike 4910
    ZitroStrike 4910 1 months ago+398

    Ryan’s getting older damn. When this show first started Ryan would basically win every episode

  • Lilly.Rosita
    Lilly.Rosita 1 months ago+2883

    petition for ryan and derrick to go on american ninja warrior

  • King Alula
    King Alula 1 months ago+272

    Ryan: “parkourse is HORSE without basketball”
    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Ryan: “through the leg dunk with the basketball”

  • Get_Ty_Faced
    Get_Ty_Faced 1 months ago+174

    There wasn’t any slow motion of an injured paco
    That’s crazy

  • Mia Mia
    Mia Mia 1 months ago+101

    Dana running to get out of the shots is everything 😂 she's honestly the best!

  • Arnon Pangan
    Arnon Pangan 1 months ago+265

    Hey Ryan, we’re still waiting for the truth about the Bermuda Triangle

  • Ken Cocoa
    Ken Cocoa 1 months ago+1675

    Two Parkourse episodes in the same year?! Blessed 🙏🙏😇

  • vince Arts
    vince Arts 1 months ago+80

    Chandler wins in mrbeast challenge
    Paco wins a parkourse

  • Jacob Hutchins Music
    Jacob Hutchins Music 1 months ago+81

    Me: Can I get a soda?
    Waiter: Small medium or hard?

  • [LOEY ]
    [LOEY ] 1 months ago+80

    In Ryan’s voice
    I miss Sean
    The memories of Ryan and Sean being the last 2 with alway be in my heart ♥️😭

    THEDRIPGOD 1 months ago+125

    who thought that everytime they jumped the light color changed? 😂

  • GSR 02
    GSR 02 1 months ago +4440

    Two Parkhourses within the same Year!!! I don’t believe it

  • John Applewood
    John Applewood 1 months ago+92

    Likes = Petition for Ryan to do American Ninja Warrior

  • D- zombieslayer - C
    D- zombieslayer - C 1 months ago+53

    “A small, medium and a umm hard”
    Ryan ~ 2019

  • Evan Woods
    Evan Woods 1 months ago+50

    A wise scholar once said-
    “Don’t try this at home, or here”

  • Dr Phil
    Dr Phil 1 months ago+49

    You gotta bring back I DARE YOU!!