This Chinese Motherboard Shows Intel LIED...

  • Published on:  1/29/2019
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  • Évariste Galois
    Évariste Galois 6 months ago+3918

    Intel did an oopsie

  • Erik Uden
    Erik Uden 6 months ago+207

    „back in the DDR3 days...“
    I feel like a Museum for never even having touched DDR4

  • GuvernorDave
    GuvernorDave 6 months ago+428

    WHAT?! Anthony is evolving?!
    Never seen Anthony this cool, relaxed and natural on screen. Dude has gained the confidence and I'm so happy he's a true LTT character now.
    PROTIP: Just shit on Linus for anything he does wrong and the audience will love you.

  • Joseph
    Joseph 6 months ago+404

    People in comments: We need more Anthony
    Linus makes more videos with Anthony
    People in comments: WE NEED MORE ANTHONY

  • Srini Aero
    Srini Aero 6 months ago+441

    If this was sponsored by Intel lol
    "Intel lied...." Sponsored by Intel

  • kenny so
    kenny so 6 months ago+3257

    Dear linus,
    I'm KENNY, a budget gaming PC builder in HK, and im always working around with chinese MB,
    yours was not the most unthinkable chinese MB I've been working with,
    chinese MB on LGA1151 are much more then you can imagine,
    and actually the one you're playing with was not meant to work with high end CPU like 8700k,
    it's meant for budget PC with a i3 8100, g4560, G5400 with ECC REG DDR3 (yes, your board dose support) since they are as cheap as rubbish in China,
    the reason you can't get the full power out of your CPU is because you haven't run through your BIOS yet,
    all the power control value has to be config manually to make your cpu turbo up in the right way,
    if your are not tuning it right, only one of the 6 cores will turbo up to the right speed. thats how you lost your CPU performance,
    you can make it right in BIOS or through INTEL XTU.
    And about Intel lied....Actually they do, i'm sure what they've done is just changed the microcode the make your MB unable to recognize older CPUs ,
    the truth is we've found out all 100,200,300 chipsets can support through all 4 generations of 6,7,8 and 9 with a simple bios MOD,
    not only chinese MB can do that, just add in the microcode of the generation of the cpu you want,
    even a h110 can perfectly support a 9900k, and a z390 can run a 6700k,
    and we've also seen some chinese geeks had a breakthrough to run a Xeon E-2186G on a Z170 motherboard.
    The home gaming ITX rig i'm using myself, is using a i7 9700K engineering sample with a ASUS Z170i PRO GAMING,
    and it worked just fine with a GTX 1080Ti and DDR4 3000 and even overclockable...
    because In HK 100 and 200 MB are dirt cheap, like around US$15~US$20 to get a perfect condition 2nd handed ASUS, GIGABYTE, MSI, ASROCK....etc
    And also because we HK buyer wont have to pay extra transport fee to get those cheap server retired ECC RAM and cheap CPUs form taobao and aliexpress,
    I3 8100 and i5 8400 on a h110 and b150 MB become one of my best choice besides X79 and Lga 1156 to build budget gaming PCs with.
    thats why i'm always messing with all those bios adding in the CPU microcode i needed, So I'm pretty sure with this~
    you just search online and you can easily find packed microcode module to add into EFI bios,
    its just as simple as adding a NVMe support to 2~4 gen MB,
    And BTW, almost every DDR3 MB can do ECC REG support too, also a little mod of the BIOS will do....

  • Rick Brannigan
    Rick Brannigan 6 months ago+91

    Anthony is a credit to this channel, what a legend. All hail Anthony, the font of all computer knowledge and Hodors brother. He's half giant!

  • Troll Mortal
    Troll Mortal yesterday

    Technically its a motherboard fault, cuz if intel actually made them support a certain chipset, a mother board bios updste should make them work right away

  • Chen Li
    Chen Li 6 months ago+362

    Linus was too late to find this. In China, many computer enthusiasts already knew this.

  • H Batenburg
    H Batenburg 6 months ago+112

    Anthony is such a great guy. Love it! Keep him close and put him in more videos Linus!

  • MDP_Toaster
    MDP_Toaster 6 months ago+1337

    I can see why Linus isn’t on good terms with Intel.

  • UZP Customs
    UZP Customs 6 months ago+128

    You're already in the gutter with Intel's Enterprise Division, why not go all the way with their mainstream division too. LOLS

  • Austin Hruskach
    Austin Hruskach 3 months ago+66

    Linus should do an All-no-name component gaming build... No MSI, No Intel, No AMD, etc. 😂.... without being scammed

  • babylFish
    babylFish 6 months ago+275

    How nasty does Intel have to be as a company before people even CONSIDER purchasing AMD products?
    They have such a long and storied history of patent trolling, antitrust, buying benchmarks etc. They fight technical competition with marketing and lawsuits. Just look at the Athlon64 vs The Pentium 4. The Athlon was technically superior, but Intel won through mindshare and backroom deals. AMD beat Intel to 64 bit, multicore AND the 1ghz barrier, but still couldn't compete with Intel's marketing machine. Shameful.
    Intel is, and always has been a nasty, anti-technology company that doesn't deserve your money.

  • Tiamat The Great
    Tiamat The Great 3 months ago+30

    >whinges about $50 funky motherboard
    >drops $8000 cpu

  • Matheus
    Matheus 6 months ago+2963

    Linus is the guy that takes an 8k Red, disassemble it and get mad for 50 bucks motherboards LOL

  • yanglue611
    yanglue611 2 months ago+7

    Intel: We don't have enough intel to make it work.
    China: It works. Who said it can't?
    Customers: (Point at Intel)

  • Hao Xu
    Hao Xu 4 months ago+27

    ONDA, it used to be called ondata, Chinese 昂达.
    In fact, this is a very old brand in China. Not in 1st tier but still good.

  • Edgar M
    Edgar M 6 months ago+39

    We need open hardware!

  • K4yr4h
    K4yr4h 2 days ago

    im pretty happy with my 7700k and ddr3 :P