The $100 Closed-Eye Bull's-Eye Challenge

  • Published on:  4/16/2019
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  • Unknown Sources 2 months ago

    mAybE i aM lEfT hANdEDkevin has them questioning their whole lives

  • E 1 months ago

    I was sooo weak🤣🤣🤣

  • Jasper Delegencia 3 months ago

    I love his subtle condescending tone. More of him.

  • vinniwa u 22 days ago

    You can watch him in draw off he's a cartoonist

  • fla la 1 months ago

    Yea he’s funny

  • farah fitriani 2 months ago

    Why is Kevin’s 100 challenge always so simple but hilarious 😂

  • Kryssia Guaves 2 days ago

    @Chanel Jordan not anymore

  • Chanel Jordan 2 days ago

    farah fitriani I wanna like this comment but seeing the perfect 800 is so satisfying😂

  • Maddie Briggs 3 months ago

    He needs to become a host of a game show, this subtle condescension is amazing.

  • Gaby Fernandez 3 months ago


  • arthur hollants 1 months ago

    Next challenge idea: Count the clock round challenge! (Count a minute, closest to a real minute wins)

  • Ozy Lochte 18 days ago


  • Alannah Rose 20 days ago

    That’s from I’m a celebrity get me out of here

  • Emelia Grace 3 months ago

    Please continue this series! Y’all rock

  • CarterO02 23 days ago

    bosensse oh he’s making his money back + more. This video alone made $500, and it’s one of the lesser viewed challenges

  • Emelia Grace 1 months ago

    As long as we have a video! But you do have a point ;)

  • Will Day 3 months ago

    I love the dry humor. More of this.

  • recoil53 3 months ago

    I like it when Kevin gets a bit snippy. Enough to notice, not enough for somebody to snap back. A night mare from a parent or teacher, but we need more of this.Have people try and draw a circle with one hand while drawing a square with the other.

  • Y-Thien Lam 3 months ago

    i can 100% get a bull's eye, blindfolded, first try........if I had Mark Rober's help...:(

  • Christian Forsberg 1 months ago

    Diego Anturiano-Chavez would not be enough for you :D

  • Same