(Weeklyidol EP.248) JYP X HANI 'UP DOWN' DANCE

  • Published on:  4/27/2016
  • (Weeklyidol EP.248) JYP X HANI 'UP DOWN' DANCE


  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi 3 years ago+6022

    JYP pants are goalsss😂😂😂

  • Buru Buru
    Buru Buru 3 years ago+6207

    JYP - the lost Exid member

  • Zac Farro
    Zac Farro 3 years ago+1832

    he's the one of the richest guy in korea and he is the president one of the big company and he act like nothing.... one of the best big boss in earth today :D bless you JYP

  • Jodie Gilbert
    Jodie Gilbert 2 years ago+5415

    Dear lord what are his pants

  • P Ahn
    P Ahn 3 years ago+2440

    I don't know how I feel. Hani looks boyish but sexy tho. 😂😂😂

  • Kitty Wen
    Kitty Wen 3 years ago+2545

    Hani so shy in front of jyp !

  • Karen Jill
    Karen Jill 3 years ago+1227

    Hehe i think JYP mixed Ah yeah and up and down dance

  • everyday sleepy
    everyday sleepy 3 years ago+2688

    Ahn oppa was feeling super awkward and shyyyyyyy haha XDD

  • April Dawn Espenilla
    April Dawn Espenilla 3 years ago+2371

    I think JYP PD-nim just danced Up and Down and Ah yeah at the same time.

  • Ariq Fikri
    Ariq Fikri 3 years ago+619

    Hani is ex JYP traine, and now dance with him 😂

  • Xianne Fudalan
    Xianne Fudalan 3 years ago+511

    Hani be like: Remember me? I auditioned for your company. now I'm more Fabulous than before
    lol I just made this up^^ sorry for my bad English

  • ang del
    ang del 3 years ago+3089

    Hani seems soooo skinny!!! Please be healthyyy

  • Dulce Balingit
    Dulce Balingit 3 years ago+801

    I Love Hani's new short hair. She looks so cute with it

    HKJCYCO 🌘 3 years ago+653

    sometimes I wonder... does JYP see something at least while smiling?

  • AlistairCutie
    AlistairCutie 3 years ago+517

    He's actually quite adorable tho???? Wth??? He's so different here compared to the image he puts up

  • Helena
    Helena 3 years ago+905

    i found someone with smaller eyes than chimchim

  • kelly lai
    kelly lai 3 years ago+283

    jyp is so cute and he learn thing so damn fast

  • Trisha Sengupta
    Trisha Sengupta 3 years ago+210

    i can already imagine bambam key kookie jhope in a group and jyp being their leader😂😂😂

  • khadija talibi
    khadija talibi 3 years ago+507

    he is her ex boss lol so cute

  • ordinary_vanity
    ordinary_vanity 3 years ago+153

    I want Hanis hairstyle so bad but I look like a pig with short hair 😭😭