LovelyPeaches “The Cora Miracle Story” Reupload (Admitting to killing Cora)

  • Published on:  9/8/2019
  • Edit: Please don’t dislike the video, it’s just a reupload, if I get disliked youtube will probably take it down!

    Basically we all know peaches does some really whack stuff, this tops the cake.

    Cora is most likely not dead - and with her grandpa, as rumours have speculated. I’m pretty sure somewhere someone has proven that is fact. Peaches does a lot of things to gain attention, like lying and all that. Cora was in fact born when peaches was 16 I think, which would mean Cora was actually born in 2016. Regardless, here’s her “confession” video. Obviously it’s not mine but I’m reuploading for personal and public use.