Awesome Build Swimming Pool & Underground House



  • Ice Box World Missions
    Ice Box World Missions 3 months ago+9

    I wonder how these two guys build enough of these things to put out so many frequent videos... and... I never see them sweating.

  • Cringe Gecko
    Cringe Gecko 3 months ago+12

    How tf the water so bluee

  • Jill Colindres Lewis
    Jill Colindres Lewis 3 months ago+26

    So what happens to these after they are built? How do they keep the water clean? What do they do when it rains? Do they collapse?
    So many questions! But amazing work!

  • Daczy
    Daczy 3 months ago+51

    You should build a city in the underground, with a few entrances and swimming pools. That would be nice. With the city I mean many underground houses at the same place.

  • End Nitro
    End Nitro 3 months ago+42

    The year is 2147. Humanity has fallen, survivors spreading across the barren lands, scrimmaging for supplies. Earth has become nothing but a toxic wasteland. However, despite these setbacks, ancient structures have been uncovered over the years, within each lies resources that can last for months. No one knows where they come from. Some speak of the legends of primitive settlers that worked tirelessly to construct these saviours.
    The legends of the modern swimming pools remain a mystery, to this very day.

  • Lala
    Lala 2 months ago+3

    Where are you from? I have always wondered where you build all of this😂

  • Hugo Ramirez
    Hugo Ramirez 3 months ago+7

    Minecraft in real life

  • Lilly Skerritt
    Lilly Skerritt 3 months ago+53

    This is amazing good job 👍🏻
    Also one day I’ll be walking and just find 10 swimming pools around me 😂

  • My hairline Needs your help

    Imagine if you saw a JCB digger in the background off one off the shots.🤣😂 Amazing work.👏🙏

  • Christar123
    Christar123 3 months ago+15

    Yo world tour at 500k subs :)

  • Esther Mora Lagunes
    Esther Mora Lagunes 3 months ago+7

    Que trabajadores 👍🏻

  • Sherry Shane
    Sherry Shane 3 months ago+20

    Extremely very talented men its always very fascinating to watch their vids stunning jobs

  • Olga Jakobi
    Olga Jakobi 3 months ago+5

    Super !👍

  • Stephanie Morgan
    Stephanie Morgan 3 months ago+6


  • Erushido
    Erushido 3 months ago+5


  • Uncomfy Moans
    Uncomfy Moans 3 months ago+7

    They could buy an underground city..
    W I T H A P O O L O F C O U R S E

  • morda 123
    morda 123 3 months ago+2

    You haven't got bigger

  • thedougman2008
    thedougman2008 3 months ago+1

    i wonder how much revenue this brings in and if people actually live in them.

  • Bernhardine K
    Bernhardine K 3 months ago+3

    People probably come across this stuff thinking it was built centuries ago by an ancient civilization

  • I love Queen
    I love Queen 3 months ago+2

    Dang if i tried to make on of your builds i am 9 and by the time i finish ill be 99 years old