Lucas The Spider - One Man Band



  • Sonia Arroyo
    Sonia Arroyo 4 months ago+8262

    Friend:ewww what is that
    Friend:it’s creepy
    Me:*slaps friend*
    One like = 1 slap to my friend

  • Blue on Black
    Blue on Black 1 months ago+641

    No joke, I've saved every spider I've come across for three months because of Lucas.

  • Ночной Огнёк
    Ночной Огнёк 2 months ago+320

    So cute! I like spiders. 😍❤
    Так мило! Я люблю пауков. 😍❤

  • ladyofthemasque
    ladyofthemasque 1 months ago+155

    I have strong arachnophobia...but Lucas is sweet and adorable. (Also talented!) Thank you!

  • a Ketchup
    a Ketchup 1 months ago+293

    Kpop Fans: Which one is cuter?
    Kpop Band:

  • pekaluii
    pekaluii 11 months ago+1146

    "Let me play you a song on the world's tiniest violin."

  • Minergirl 567
    Minergirl 567 7 days ago+29

    3 Things happened today:
    1. My friend squished a Baby spider that looked like Lukas.
    2. He got hit by a car.
    3. I lost my drivers license.

  • саня 119
    саня 119 1 months ago+83

    I like:Lucas the Spider
    My fobia: the spiders

  • Løts
    Løts 2 months ago+92

    Я обычно ненавижу пауков..но этот такой НЯЯХААААА:D

  • нoѕнı ѕѧмѧ
    нoѕнı ѕѧмѧ 7 days ago+10

    Is this the music they play on Heaven?

  • eerereps
    eerereps 11 months ago+4456

    Lucas is the reason that spider in the backyard is still alive...

  • Apollo Gold
    Apollo Gold 1 months ago+19

    This helped me get rid of most of my phobia.
    Also idea: This should be the theme song of the channel.

  • D E X DEAD
    D E X DEAD 1 months ago+29

    Can we please get to see more of this !?? More songs from one man bad I just love Lucas he's so cute it's just so amazing !!!!! Please

  • william giron
    william giron 2 months ago+15

    :"v Tienen más talento que BadBunny!!
    Soy tu Fan Lucas❤👆

  • Divian Reid
    Divian Reid 14 days ago+13

    Lucas, lucas, lucas, that's the name you know. Lucas, lucas, lucas, he's the star of the show.

  • Yash Kedia
    Yash Kedia 10 months ago+2168

    He should his own full length movie in disney pixar

  • 狸ねるねる
    狸ねるねる 2 months ago+8

    あら可愛い( ´,,•ω•,,`)♡

    TOSHICHAN _ 1 months ago+20


  • CrazySarah 98
    CrazySarah 98 1 months ago+29

    guys! i just Shazamed the video and it recognized it as an actual song! Oh I'm so proud of little Lucas!!!

  • Robloxian Master
    Robloxian Master 14 days ago+5

    This is the best and cutest thing I’ve ever heard! If only he sang in it...