Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick Are Gutted About Bake Off - The Graham Norton Show



  • awsomewild
    awsomewild 2 years ago+3077

    It must be awkward for Daniel to be around Muggles all the time

  • Leo Brooklyn
    Leo Brooklyn 2 years ago+2214

    Anna Kendrick is a weird combination of cute and hot.

  • lonestarfriend
    lonestarfriend 2 years ago+837

    "And I can't be worried about like 'nobody likes you' ... butter and sugar!" So funny.

  • Alex Linian
    Alex Linian 2 years ago+1452

    Harry Potter should never be at the end of the couch. Ever.

  • HollyBlueAgitated
    HollyBlueAgitated 2 years ago+695

    feels weird seeing Daniel at the end of the couch for once

  • AdamC
    AdamC 2 years ago+611

    Just when I thought I couldn't love Anna any more...

  • Rico Albertelli
    Rico Albertelli 2 years ago+922

    Great guests... Everyone wants to go on Graham's show these days!

  • Tripti Thakur
    Tripti Thakur 2 years ago+892

    Anna Kendrick should just have her own talk-show, she's hilarious & adorable! :D I love it when she came with Eddie last time & now she's here another precious sweetheart cinnamon roll- My Dan <3 Anna likes 'em sweet! Lol

  • Zarkow
    Zarkow 2 years ago+859

    3 really nice people on the sofa in this episode.

  • Neo Anderson
    Neo Anderson 2 years ago+203

    oh I LOVE Anna Kendrick, she's precious

  • Eugene Grewing
    Eugene Grewing 2 years ago+121

    Anna make the best faces.

  • Sean Sutton
    Sean Sutton 2 years ago+69

    Anna really summed up the mood of the nation re Bake Off.

  • Being Logical
    Being Logical 2 years ago+76

    1:39 which creature's voice was that? XD

  • Adam Conway
    Adam Conway 2 years ago+197

    She's cool

  • Ewa Grzybowska
    Ewa Grzybowska 2 years ago+30

    Omg!!! Yes finally Graham Norton is back!!! I missed this show so much😩never clicked on a video so fast...

  • Strikerage
    Strikerage 2 years ago+127

    I can't understand why I find her so attractive... like, obsessively attractive...

  • Celine Metzger
    Celine Metzger 2 years ago+13

    Anna Kendrick and Daniel Radcliffe NEED to do a movie together!

  • diva1675
    diva1675 2 years ago+51

    Not sure if I trust a man who bakes wearing beanie. Just not sure.

    IMOLDGREGG252 2 years ago+22

    Nobody puts Harry in the corner.

  • BatofKrypton
    BatofKrypton 2 years ago+83

    wow im early