David Letterman Calls President Trump ‘Psychotic’

  • Published on:  6/12/2019
  • While President Trump likes to gripe about many in the press and media, one individual is now taking aim at the president. Trump appeared on “The Late Show With David Letterman” 30 times and Letterman never let him off easy, but he really unloaded on the president in a new podcast for The Hollywood Reporter. “I had no sense that he was the soulless bastard that he's turned into,” he said. Letterman said that he believes Trump liked being on TV, which is why he appeared on his show so much.


  • Tennis Boi 1 months ago

    Idc what anyone in Hollywood says🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Aa AA 1 months ago

    robbin520 HAHAHA... from a no-brain lazy STUPID imbecile LOL

  • Aa AA 1 months ago

    Maddox021 - Comedy and More HAHAHA... typical copy-cat STUPID lazy imbecile LOL

  • The Revolver God 1 months ago

    old lady: "GO AWAY"Jim Acosta: " Reporters shouldnt need security"

  • DamBreeeze13 1 months ago

    Yeah David Letterman looks like a sane person these days.

  • Fred Bloggs 27 days ago

    J RLOC - I don't know about orange makeup, but Trump doesn't wear a wig, even if it looks like one.

  • Adam Ayrapetian 28 days ago

    Trump is Great

  • cdunaway16 1 months ago

    Someone in Hollywood doesn't like Trump? Wow

  • cdunaway16 1 months ago

    @oƃƃə I mean I'm not wrong about Hollywood tho. I'm not a big Trump guy but Hollywood clearly doesn't like him

  • J RLOC 1 months ago

    That seems a little low.

  • Kreepy Pasta 1 months ago

    Sorry Hollywood, the influence you once had on the general public is loooong gone.

  • John Als 1 months ago

    @SammyT don't play dumb, Hollywood actors thought they still had influence, look at the elections, they tried so hard to convince people and failed

  • Brett Sharp 1 months ago

    SammyT how do you figure ? Hollywood does not ! that's common knowledge why don't you get it ?

  • OMS 2022 Caden K 1 months ago

    “Reports shouldn’t need bodyguards”😂

  • Have a nice Dave 1 months ago

    lol, David looks like someone who lives in a shack in the woods and makes bombs

  • STAY WOKE 1 months ago

    😂😂Totally accurate

  • It'sAlexForShort 1 months ago

    “He’s psychotic”But letterman looks like robin williams in jumanji.

  • A H 1 months ago

    The enemy of people; the deep state, the news mafia, and the richest 1% controlling the people.

  • SUGAR XYLER ! 1 months ago


  • A H 1 months ago

    @Brandon Stone Stone trump is not part of deep state, he is outsider. Trump is not part of richest 1%, he almost went bankrupt in 90s, he is a real estate investor with many risks with his business. The richest 1% they're getting richer everyday, and they become even richer with financial crisis.

  • Jordan 1 months ago

    I don’t think Trump needed to pretend about being rich.

  • Joey Gagliardi 1 months ago

    In his mind he thought that it was the only way to go, to be popular, and be bowed to,, SAD !!