Teens Read 10 Breakup Texts #2 (React)

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
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    REACT  11 months ago+351

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  • ya like jazz?
    ya like jazz? 11 months ago+2481

    Jokes on you! I can't get heart broken because I can't get a date in the first place!

  • Informedgasmask
    Informedgasmask 11 months ago+614

    Am I the only one who thinks breaking up over text is immature?

  • Josephi
    Josephi 11 months ago+1871

    "Consoles are forever, Relationships are not."
    Xbox red rings

  • kiyokochanable
    kiyokochanable 11 months ago+914

    .Alberto who hurt you?.

  • Catherine Du
    Catherine Du 11 months ago+708

    alberto not having any of these texts is a mood

  • rosiee m
    rosiee m 11 months ago+614

    “Consoles are forever, relationships are not.” ~ Alberto 2018

  • Rijn
    Rijn 11 months ago+443

    I broke up in the Mcdonalds. I bought him a happy meal though.

  • Kirthi Annem
    Kirthi Annem 10 months ago+416

    Does anyone else think that mikaela looks like victoria justice

  • ThePapermage
    ThePapermage 10 months ago+703

    Every time I see these texts, I have serious doubts about their authenticity. #FakeTexts

  • Elkrid 665
    Elkrid 665 11 months ago+640

    Does anybody else notice how whenever a girl breaks up with the guy they say "oh that's Savage", but whenever a guy breaks up with a girl there like "dude that was a little mean" XD

  • Morgan Shepherd
    Morgan Shepherd 11 months ago+153

    I love that this entire episode is just Alberto channeling his inner relationship therapist and analyzing why every relationship was wrong or didn’t work out 😂

  • Reema Yaghmour
    Reema Yaghmour 11 months ago+213

    Hey person scrolling through the comments!

  • PandaR3mix 21
    PandaR3mix 21 11 months ago+625

    "Consoles are forever relationships are not" FACTS

  • Darryl Jack
    Darryl Jack 11 months ago+188

    Omg Noah is the realist

  • Mia Oldfield
    Mia Oldfield 10 months ago+205

    has an argument
    Boy: ok end of conversation
    Girl: yh, and end of relationship

  • Mimic Me
    Mimic Me 11 months ago+243

    6:24 my boy alberto speaking facts

  • Brooklyn
    Brooklyn 11 months ago+198

    React to impractical jokers please! because
    - It’s a good show
    -it’s funny
    -it’s something teens, adults, and/or elders can react to
    -it’s something that can be used in multiple videos such as a try not to laugh challenge or just a simple video revolves around impractical jokers
    - it’s not that hard to find funny clips because a majority of them are funny
    And that’s all I got. PLEASE IM BEGGING YOU! 😂

  • Pinestraker
    Pinestraker 11 months ago+100

    I really liked Noah's take on all of this. He was on point imo.

  • Virginia Runcie
    Virginia Runcie 11 months ago+70

    People break up over snap chat? That sounds about as serious as pre-schoolers randomly saying, "you're not my friend anymore!"