Build Most Secret Underground House And Swimming Pool

  • Published on:  3/13/2019
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  • Joshua Teo
    Joshua Teo 2 months ago+1723

    All the youtubers who do this should come together and make a city.

  • Heroic Apple
    Heroic Apple 2 months ago+3182

    That forest must be absolutely filled with a ton of mini houses and pools everywhere

  • I'm Not Here
    I'm Not Here 2 months ago+1031

    These dudes made a circle better than I can do with a pencil.

  • Valentino Ortiz
    Valentino Ortiz 2 months ago+739

    When you want to play Minecraft but your mom tells you to go outside

  • Evan Snyder
    Evan Snyder 2 months ago+582

    Somewhere in a forest, theres like 100 random underground pool houses to be discovered years from now..

  • Bagua Gaming
    Bagua Gaming 2 months ago+656

    I love how they walk into a random place...
    And just start BASHING EVERYTHING

  • Alexander Kessler
    Alexander Kessler 2 months ago+466

    Ants: exist
    Two random dudes: It’s free real estate

  • Bilbo baggins
    Bilbo baggins 1 months ago+262

    This new minecraft update looks good!

  • Ja Pr
    Ja Pr 4 months ago+6262

    2 million subs you guys should be able to afford a shovel by now.

  • phantom airsoft
    phantom airsoft 2 months ago+257

    1000 years from now
    History channel: "we have stumbled upon an ancient city, and it seems that the people's liked swimming pools a lot"
    Also history channel: it must've been built by a extremely weird alein speceis"

    II G0LD1NG II 1 months ago+249

    Put bout 10 of these dudes together and they could probably make a city

  • syrup is dank
    syrup is dank 2 months ago+344

    makes underground house
    beats an anthill to death

  • Emil kiler
    Emil kiler 2 months ago+226

    Me: i bet you cant build an underground house with swimming pool
    Them: give me a stick

  • Sherear
    Sherear 2 months ago+102

    The real question is: Where did the ants go?

  • Cryanda
    Cryanda 1 months ago+86

    I'm convinced these guys were beavers in a past life.

  • Gökii
    Gökii 1 months ago+91

    no one:
    literally no one:
    these guys: but does it have swimmingpool?

  • TwilighT TGolD
    TwilighT TGolD 2 months ago+56

    This man must be tired.....they need to make a bed....
    With a pool ofcourse hehe..

  • RoyalT Magic
    RoyalT Magic 1 months ago+20

    Should be called “underground mosquito breeding house”

  • VibbingWithMani
    VibbingWithMani 2 months ago+207

    awww he helped him get up and out of there when he fell

  • Stxrry_gachq :3
    Stxrry_gachq :3 2 days ago+5

    When you ask your mom for a pool but she says go outside ... 😂
    Edit: Thx for one like 🤗