The Untold Truth Of Mary Berry

  • Published on:  4/25/2020
  • Thanks to her candidness on The Great British Bake Off, viewers got an insight into Mary Berry's life, likes, dislikes and sartorial preferences. But there's still so much more you can learn about the talented baker. Here's everything you didn't know about Mary Berry.

    If you've noticed that Mary Berry's left arm seems weak, don't assume it's because she suffers from arthritis as she says many viewers do. It's actually the result of her battle with poliomyelitis, a life-threatening disease caused by the poliovirus. It affects the spinal cord, and can even cause permanent paralysis.

    When Berry was 13, it was 1948 and there was no vaccine, so the risk of contracting polio was high. Temporarily paralyzed with the virus, she was put in an isolation hospital, where, as she told The Guardian, she ate nothing but liquid food and could see her parents only from behind glass.

    In Mary Berry: The Queen of British Baking The Biography, she said:

    "When I came home I just had this weak left side and I had my arm in a brace that held it above the head. But I recovered remarkably [though] my left hand is a bit smaller and misshapen."

    While that affects her to this day, it's wonderful that she made a full recovery otherwise.

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