Red Sweater | Old Spice

  • Published on:  1/28/2018
  • When selling deodorant there is really only one language that is the most appropriate to feature in a commercial. Some may say it is the one that the audience understands, but Old Spice disagrees. The correct answer is the language that sells the most deodorant. Bon appétit.For More Manly Manliness: Subscribe: reading? The rest of this description is written for robots and algorithms. This Old Spice commercial, or “ad” in advertising speak, shows how our new scent, Captain, will help you find a lost dog. The commercial is in French, with English subtitles, which is pretty wacky and unexpected. Really a great way to stand out and show how the new Captain scent (body wash, deodorant, antiperspirant, and Invisible Spray) can help any man smell great. Old Spice. We make scents for men.


  • TrustAlpha
    TrustAlpha a years ago+239

    "AM DOOM FEST" - Demoman.

  • 3nzo.
    3nzo. a years ago+269

    IM GAY
    dances away

  • Rob Majito
    Rob Majito a years ago+859

    I think these are the only ads that I go looking for instead of skipping.

  • SellySlayz
    SellySlayz a years ago+92

    “Old Spice, Even in a trillion years I will never find you.”
    finds old spice 6 seconds later

  • Aaron ODST170
    Aaron ODST170 a years ago+52

    - "No one in my team wants to play support"
    - "Get Good"
    - ... .I. REPORTED

  • TwashManAltAccount
    TwashManAltAccount a years ago+91

    congas away

  • King_Of_Blocks
    King_Of_Blocks a years ago+95

    since I'm French, when I first saw this commercial without subtitles I was wondering how a French channel ended up on the American TV.

  • Elias
    Elias a years ago+70

    Let's go home and eat snails

  • TMOFApollios
    TMOFApollios a years ago+480

    You make scents for men, but you don’t make sense in commercials.

  • Emmanuel Vega
    Emmanuel Vega a years ago+658

    Watching without the subtitles it really looks like the girls are going through the rapture.

  • Aihkii
    Aihkii a years ago+218

    We make sense scents.
    For men.

  • Luke Monti
    Luke Monti a years ago+27

    NO. IM GAY

  • help me i have an anime profile pic

    That's what i call "marketing skills"

  • Dan V
    Dan V a years ago+164

    Lmao that chick freaky as hell “let’s go home and eat snails” they way she smiled so cute like girl ima tear that thing up

  • Doctor Belyai41k
    Doctor Belyai41k a years ago+44

    Antonie Delak

  • Couch_Ech
    Couch_Ech a years ago+123

    Explosions are missing.

  • BruhBurger
    BruhBurger a years ago+10

    NO! *stabs in the back* I'M GAY!

  • Corbin Connection Comedy
    Corbin Connection Comedy a years ago+129

    Everyone looking for old spice, and its been in my arm pits the whole time.

  • Somewhat Intimidating Penguin

    Packs bags with Old Spice and Moves to France

  • Susie Strider
    Susie Strider a years ago+15

    i am gay