Building beautiful roman house | Primitive technology with manual construction skills

  • Published on:  6/15/2019
  • Hi. Building beautiful roman house is our composite video. In this video we synthesize all stages to build a house of Romans. We fully use original technology for application in construction. We synthesize this video to show everyone the whole process of building a roman house with original technology. We will continue to make the next videos about original technology and wild survival skills. Subscribe to our channel to watch the latest videos. Thank you.


  • HuzzahGamers
    HuzzahGamers 1 months ago+47

    You guys are the real McCoy(, much unlike "Tube Unique Wilderness" Who are totally fake! Keep it up you guys! You make great videos!

  • Liam Maxwell
    Liam Maxwell 2 days ago+1

    Amazing video liked subscribed & shared
    How many days did it take to complete ?

  • Aproposes
    Aproposes 2 days ago+3

    (No hammers, no screwdrivers, no nails. And you're a vegan.)

  • 5묘집사
    5묘집사 yesterday

    My friend, it's a fun weekend.
    I love the beautiful and cute video.
    Thank you very much for the good movie

  • riselikethephoenix1
    riselikethephoenix1 23 hours ago

    Im going to be that guy... the roof needs more support than what bamboo was used. Eventually it will collapse under the weight.

  • purplehaze5562
    purplehaze5562 yesterday

    These guys didnt have to pay nothing for there supplys it was all provided right there in the forest. Awesome!

  • irishbreakfast
    irishbreakfast 14 hours ago

    so the real question is how many weeks did it take from start to finish and how many months did it survive??

  • Rem
    Rem 7 days ago+23

    Holy shit I didn't know they had bamboo in Rome! You learn something new every day..... LOL!

  • swissgunner
    swissgunner 14 days ago+27

    Wow Roman concrete. Calcium oxide baked and the reacted in water to get calcium hydroxide. Mix in aggregate and volcanic rock or similar and make the bricks.

  • Joselina Santana
    Joselina Santana yesterday+1

    Acho q vou ai levar um machado um enchadaõ uma enchade baldes peneiras pá facaõ canos de pvc ai eles ia cntruie uma cidade porq inteligenvia e coragem eles tem de sobra 😍😍😍

  • Karl Miller
    Karl Miller 4 days ago+2

    All done with primitive technology, amazing... Love your videos... ☮🔥

  • Skipper Landry
    Skipper Landry 14 days ago+27

    You guys are going to confuse the hell out of archeologists in 1000 years . . . Also I was waiting the whole time for a little old lady to appear yelling at them "BOYS! Where is my good pot!"

  • Crabby Earth Snake
    Crabby Earth Snake 5 days ago+2

    This is so sick you kinda got me wanting to build a cinder block cabin

  • Ed Crego
    Ed Crego 14 days ago+2

    Nice how long did it take to build should be very proud of yourself, s very skilled and knowledgeable

  • Toring Turbine d.o.o.
    Toring Turbine d.o.o. 14 days ago+2

    I would like to have one of this small house on my ground, here in Slovenia.

  • irishbreakfast
    irishbreakfast 14 hours ago

    this shows the massive pain in the ass, neck, back, shoulders, knees, ankles, elbows and feet it was for civilization to begin to grow in larger and larger proportions over tens of thousands of years. the tedious and laborious work our most ancient ancestors had to go through just to have basic conveineces that we almost all have today that we simply cant live without. this is the kind of ingenuity and skill every human being should have at a young age and be able to fend for themselves and even support and protect a family from the ground up without needing a dime of currency or materials from outside your land. this is the true definition of being a MAN. human.

  • Ayden Johnson
    Ayden Johnson 7 days ago+9

    These dudes just built a house out of mud and sticks looks better than my apartment somebody get these dudes flying to America and build me a house

  • Kerline Kay
    Kerline Kay 7 days ago+14

    These channels make all those survival TV shows look so dumb.

  • Ravindra Bhagwat
    Ravindra Bhagwat 5 days ago+1

    Beautiful.I would like to build and live in such house.

  • Darlene Morant
    Darlene Morant yesterday

    I hope they got paid for this?