The Best Noise Cancelling Headphones... Bose or Sony?



  • Unbox Therapy 6 months ago

    Bose QC35 II (USA Link) - WH1000XM3 (USA Link) - QC35 II (International) - WH1000XM3 (International) -

  • Lord Zabuza 25 days ago

    King Crowna-XD happy birthday

  • Seb Leaf 6 months ago

    Noise canceling test in a quiet studio...

  • Aaron Bueno 12 days ago

    @Caleb Brown is it amazeballs?

  • Cory Griffiths 1 months ago

    Or try it with a riding mower running

  • Johnny Senczuk 3 months ago

    “Can you hear me”“No, I can’t hear you”

  • vijay muthukumaran 8 days ago

    There’s the best noise cancelling earphone... can’t hear you lol

  • Troy Lovestrand 9 days ago

    He can hear him

  • emilio alizadeh 3 months ago

    Damn I need these to be like $20 so I can afford them

  • the WH-H900N offers similar performance for far less(sometimes as low as $130), but has slightly worse sound quality

  • Tony Sunshine 12 days ago

    @DEA Soviet not by much, and the convenience of paying 20 to 30 dollars monthly makes it totally worth it.

  • Edoardo Guido 3 months ago

    The reason for folding them the other way round is hygiene: the pads don't touch the surface they're laying on.

  • Adi Iqbal 2 days ago

    Agree that always bothered me so I always just leave them around my neck

  • Charles Bukowski 16 days ago

    How dirty is *your* house

  • nk bharath 4 months ago

    Got a pair of QC 35, gf was yelling this morning and dint know she was talking to me 😂..ANC rocks, life’s good!

  • Matt 12 days ago

    Hk Whereas you’re obviously quite the catch.

  • Bitch Lasagna 13 days ago

    Ok i believe you have a bose,but bruh u sure u have a gf😏

  • Johnny Junior 2 months ago

    Bose: We stay undefeated Sony: Hold my qualityJbL: Hold my priceAkg: Am I a joke to you

  • Hello Peasant 2 days ago

    @cloridan Beauchamps nope

  • @cloridan Beauchamps nope

  • Kevin Pinder 4 months ago

    I have the Bose and bought my wife the Sony. Love them both and have used them for a few months. Must say, I agree with the video—Sony’s are a touch better. Now if I can just find a way to sleep on my side with them😂

  • Adithya Arun 1 months ago

    I use a travel pillow. Perfect for sleeping on the side with headphones

  • rakesh kumar 1 months ago

    Please confirm which is having good bass

  • Nikola Milutinovic 4 months ago

    Figuring out which one is better by reading comments only makes things worse, seems to be 50/50 which one is better from each persons perspective :/

  • Tony Sunshine 4 days ago

    If you're looking for a good sounding headphone but don't want to break the bank then a good one would be the Sony 700N. Sound quality is amazing as well as noise cancelling capability and it's also about $150 cheaper than Bose headphones.

  • Tony Sunshine 4 days ago

    Hey Nikola the best way to find out which one is the best to go to a local electronics store like a Best Buy and listen to them yourselves. JBL also has a very good headphone out right now. I'm sure you will know which one you prefer after trying them on.

  • Jürg Kaufmann 2 months ago

    The Sony 1000x M3 have excellent sound quality, a fantastic app and very cool tech features Like covering one cup with your hand to hear your surroundings. Nevertheless, here are five reasons why I picked the Bose QC35 II:1) Connects via bluetooth to two devices at the same time. Very handy when you switch often between laptop and phone.2) Price: I bought them at Amazon for 260 euros, more than a 100 euros off their original price (379 euros) which is quite a great deal.3) Physical buttons since tou...

  • Lorenzo Washington 3 days ago

    @Màrius Mora Bosch your over doing it saying 'terrible' comfort. Bose are slightly more comfortable (very slight)

  • Jadon Gemert 19 days ago

    @Luigi Gabriel Thats how i want to hear it