The Best Noise Cancelling Headphones... Bose or Sony?



  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  a months ago+811

    Bose QC35 II (USA Link) -
    Sony WH1000XM3 (USA Link) -
    Bose QC35 II (International) -
    Sony WH1000XM3 (International) -

  • Hossam Massoud
    Hossam Massoud an hour ago

    I compared between these headphones a lot .. a lot, figure out that the Sony is good in everything battery, sound, ANC and app except the conformable (Sony is not bad specially WH1000XM3 not WH1000XM2), which in my case I need it so badly I am using it minimum 4 hours every day I hadn't remove it at all (I like Bose design)

  • berkshireee
    berkshireee 2 hours ago

    Seems like there are 0 audiophiles in the comments...smh

    IVAN ALTAMIRANO 3 hours ago

    Ninguno de los 2 , prefiero los Energy Sistem Bt 7 Travel ,esos si precio calidad.

  • vincent aja
    vincent aja 4 hours ago

    SONY IS THE BEST!!! I love sony 1000xm3. very very good sound...

  • timmy tijd
    timmy tijd 5 hours ago

    Bose looks gay and i am a sony fanboy

  • pqtat718
    pqtat718 9 hours ago

    The Sonys will have the cracked headband after a few months. It's a design flaw from the very first version that Sony never fixed.

  • ElPorcoLoco Official
    ElPorcoLoco Official 9 hours ago+1

    Don’t do a headphone review with a hat on...

  • Tejendra
    Tejendra 9 hours ago

    I am a fan of Bose but I think I should look at other options now. And I feel that the Sony is one option now, but the only thing to keep in mind is the comfort which is much better in Bose. But if you are not a long time user of the headphones Sony is the better one when compared to Bose

  • Dante Simpson
    Dante Simpson 10 hours ago

    I've got beats solo 3 better than both and 48 hours battery life

  • herman stokbrood
    herman stokbrood 11 hours ago

    I like the soundstage of the QC's better. More neutral, less boomy, less muddy. ANC is a little bit better on the Sony though.

  • Miguel Angel Santamaria

    I got the Sony's <3 lovely pair

  • manorama wadhawe
    manorama wadhawe 11 hours ago

    Are you bald or grow hairs but cutted

  • Rajat Dhawan
    Rajat Dhawan 13 hours ago

    sony must grab a better look...

  • Sydney Hill
    Sydney Hill 15 hours ago

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  • BrUnOFnV
    BrUnOFnV 15 hours ago

    Sony not even a PS4 , so Bose for sure !!!!!

  • Ken Gormley
    Ken Gormley 17 hours ago

    Great review as usual Lewis and very helpful !!!

  • Ken Gormley
    Ken Gormley 17 hours ago

    Did you put the hat on due to the bad look without Lewis ;0D

  • Nikhil Bansal
    Nikhil Bansal 17 hours ago

    What do you think about bowers and wilkins head phones?

  • Nathan Rooks
    Nathan Rooks 21 hours ago