Watership Down RUINED Me! Netflix | Ruined

  • Published on:  1/11/2019
  • Are you looking for the perfect, animated rabbit snuff porn? Do you suffer from sociopathy? Perhaps you’re one of those serial killers that derives joy from watching small animals die. Well, have I got a new miniseries for you. Watership Down is literally the most tragic, anxiety-filled animated series from 2018. I purposely avoided watching the original movie after my step-dad made me read the book in 8th grade because, call me crazy, I don’t like watching bunnies die. But as usual here at NerdWire, I have no say in the horrible things they make me watch, so I’m Whitney Van Laningham, and today, I’m getting Ruined by Watership Down. #watershipdownSubscribe For More Obsev Now! ►► https://bit.ly/2MUgI0i►►►►Check out our site: http://www.obsev.comLike us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/obsevFollow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/obsevstudiosFind us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/obsevWatch us on ROKU: https://channelstore.roku.com/details...TopBuzz: https://www.topbuzz.com/user/64881988...


  • aqua rose
    aqua rose 7 months ago+73

    It's dark because its dealing with real problems, not fake little kid stuff. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying to show this to little kids, yeah DON'T DO THAT! But the story was written in 1970 by a guy who didn't like the little kid books becuase he believed they weren't interesting and were mind numbing(or something like that), so of course it's going to be dark.

  • John Unterzuber
    John Unterzuber 7 months ago+22

    That's the thing... it is child friendly... and shows in a child friendly way that communism bad, freedom Good and worth fighting for.

  • Lowell Lucas Jr.
    Lowell Lucas Jr. 7 months ago+85

    The Netflix ( BBC)version is watered down compared to its 70's original animated film. Its no where near as severe or harsh.

  • layla mathias
    layla mathias 7 months ago+23

    If a human dyes in a movie for me ugh it's sad if a animal dyes in a move I cry my eyes out

  • Jonathan Stern
    Jonathan Stern 7 months ago+12

    Don't watch Plague Dogs.

  • l u c k y
    l u c k y 7 months ago+27

    Oh my gosh I remember watching watership down when I was younger, such nostalgia...didn't think anyone actually knew it! Man I was so scared I'd imagine rabbits in my room at night 😱😱

  • Mr. Friendship
    Mr. Friendship 7 months ago+85

    Watership Down book -- Update
    Watership Down animated -- Now update
    Watership Down (2018) -- GO BACK!!!

  • Brian Bradford
    Brian Bradford 7 months ago+37

    The old 2d animation version is better and way darker

  • Crystal Atkins
    Crystal Atkins 7 months ago+8

    Love that blood and gore Whitney! Do you like Happy Tree Friends because it’s cute and bloody!

  • TheMadnessWithin
    TheMadnessWithin 7 months ago+13


  • Ryan Ozog
    Ryan Ozog 7 months ago+7

    DRAGONS: RACE TO THE EDGE?FYI Race to the edge ruined me for how much it wanted to ruin a
    great 'Non kid friendly' book series and WatershipDown restored a hope that I thought I lost.

  • Animal PawPony
    Animal PawPony 7 months ago+9

    Nice review. Yeah, I was familiar with the old cartoon, but only saw bits of it. But why on earth show it on Easter?!?!?!?!
    Just curious, how is the video going about the Barney and Friends get stuck under the parachute moments? Need any help?
    PLEASE message me back

  • Kristina Jennings
    Kristina Jennings 7 months ago+6

    Please tell me that shirt is from Beatle juice. Am I the only one that noticed that

  • trans rights !
    trans rights ! 7 months ago+10

    the animated movie got a pg rating bc rabbits are seen as cute and innocent

  • iokcs
    iokcs 7 months ago+4

    Awww, I thought Whitney ruined was something completely different

  • kmstx2
    kmstx2 7 months ago+4

    Why do they have you watch all the animal snuff films?

  • buddy not gamer
    buddy not gamer 7 months ago+17

    Ruined is one of the best on nerd wire

  • Samuel J
    Samuel J 7 months ago+2

    Oh no the crazy lady that ruined my childhood is back

  • Jasmine Shell
    Jasmine Shell 3 months ago+2

    just be happy you didnt watch the origin with was twice as bloody

  • Janie Chan
    Janie Chan 7 months ago+3

    The oringal watership down is my fav moive
    Watches the scene of the bunnies being buried and fine with it
    Hahahahaha What is wrong with?