MANCHELOR (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 175)



  • Kenny Lema
    Kenny Lema 2 hours ago

    If I you sleep there all you will be saying monster🤣🤣😂😂😁😄

  • Dannice Grannell
    Dannice Grannell 6 hours ago

    Sometimes I actually feel so bad for Mark with the way they deal with him 😂😂...even though just all comedy.. His face expressions are priceless! 😂😂

  • dolcey opoku ware
    dolcey opoku ware 6 hours ago

    another funny one

  • Esther Amedzor
    Esther Amedzor 11 hours ago

    Emmanuella u disturbing uncle mark too much

  • Norma Malinao
    Norma Malinao 14 hours ago

    I love this girl. Too smart and very funny
    Watching you from singapore. Keep it up emanuella. Love watching your video.

  • Joseph Okyeee
    Joseph Okyeee yesterday


  • Esther Ogolo
    Esther Ogolo 2 days ago

    Mark stop looking for a bed to sleep to see Esther... Am right here....I came to look for you...come let's

  • Neeraja V
    Neeraja V 2 days ago

    Love you emmanuella😍😍😘😘

  • RichWeb Content
    RichWeb Content 3 days ago

    I don't see Esther for my house, mbok...

  • Ariel Song
    Ariel Song 3 days ago

    I think that the words that emullmaluma say at the end is actually is in the script

  • Ray.Ping. Kidz
    Ray.Ping. Kidz 3 days ago

    hahaha this is so funny!😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 new sub and love from UAE, Dubai!

  • Violet Stacy
    Violet Stacy 4 days ago


  • Jonathan Anunda
    Jonathan Anunda 4 days ago

    Widow hahaha

  • Dulvo Tz
    Dulvo Tz 4 days ago


  • margaret wavinya87
    margaret wavinya87 4 days ago

    This is nice

  • Yvonne D Cave
    Yvonne D Cave 4 days ago

    Emmanuella just makes me speechless

  • Samantha Bennett-Dallas

    We are children of god

  • Lusiana Nute
    Lusiana Nute 5 days ago

    manchelor, go marry... just funny😂😂😂

  • Nadee Dhanarathna
    Nadee Dhanarathna 5 days ago

    She is make my day thank u emmanulla..u are so funny girl godbless u

  • Ahmed khayr
    Ahmed khayr 5 days ago

    hhhhhhhhh its comfortable, breathable and water resistance . its good for children and you are not children go and marry..............