Marvel's "Wolverine: The Long Night" Podcast | Now Available for Free

  • Published on:  9/12/2018
  • It's here. Join the investigation in "Marvel's Wolverine: The Long Night" - our first scripted podcast.

    Now available for free wherever you listen to podcasts: #WolverinePodcast


    Following a string of mysterious deaths in Burns, Alaska, Special Agents Sally Pierce and Tad Marshall arrive to investigate.
    They soon find there’s more going on than meets the eye.


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  • marcincus
    marcincus 3 months ago+1

    But what is this?
    A movie, a game....what?

  • Hart Richard
    Hart Richard 4 months ago

    Thanks lovelots so much! Waiting for the sequel! Richard Armitage as Wolverine is perfect!!! Bravo!!!

  • hydrakn
    hydrakn 4 months ago

    Heard the first two chapters of this and really enjoyed it. I hope Marvel will make a ton of these across more series (xmen/avengers/4/spidey/etc)

  • Orak Orek87
    Orak Orek87 4 months ago


  • loved012one
    loved012one 4 months ago

    Richard Armitage is a fantastic choice!!! He was superb as Thorin Oakenshield. If anyone can follow Hugh Jackman, it would be him!

  • Luny & Milky
    Luny & Milky 4 months ago+1

    I'm listening to it right now! :)

  • Nurul Hazwani
    Nurul Hazwani 4 months ago

    "There was no other way. We're in end game now" - Doctor Strange

  • Clarence Kharshiing
    Clarence Kharshiing  4 months ago

    Damnit! For a moment there i thought it's a new game from Marvel for Ps4. Lol.

  • Rafael Soto
    Rafael Soto 4 months ago

    We need to hire some ugly short harry guy to be wolverine if they wanna try and top Hugh Jackman. But i have faith in the MCU if and when the merger goes through

  • The Baltimore Movie Trailer Park

    Finally. I don’t have to pay for Stitcher Premium, just to listen to this. Now, I can just open PocketCasts and there it is.

  • DJSiQRiQ
    DJSiQRiQ 4 months ago

    The man reading the script sounds very low energy

  • Angry gamers lawn
    Angry gamers lawn 4 months ago+1

    Will marvel maintain the same wolverine hairstyle for richard armitage ????

  • Perseus Kao
    Perseus Kao 4 months ago

    Trevor Belmont as Wolverine!

  • Kashfy Zul
    Kashfy Zul 4 months ago+12

    Wolverines are actually more closely related to badgers and skunks

  • Captain Rogers
    Captain Rogers 4 months ago+2

    After Logan anything that comes out of wolverine pleases me

  • Cameron Field
    Cameron Field 4 months ago

    I knew it, Wolverine was Azor Ahai the whole time

  • Austin Meghu
    Austin Meghu 4 months ago

    Even wolverine is biting Joe Budden smh

  • salz salz
    salz salz 4 months ago+5

    Im for Richard armitage as wolverine in the MCU♥️

  • Madden Highlights
    Madden Highlights 4 months ago

    I knew it

  • DragneelDarg
    DragneelDarg 4 months ago

    What The f is this?