NCIX Bankruptcy Auction - Day 2 FINALE

  • Published on:  3/8/2018
  • Will we get the silver play button? Will anyone find some insane deals on video cards? The NCIX Bankruptcy Auction saga continues...

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  • Longhorn57
    Longhorn57 4 hours ago

    You let some fuckwit clickbait channel get your plaque, that's sad bro

  • Elitegamer1987
    Elitegamer1987 yesterday

    up next an auction of servers including hard drives and customer/staff details including credit card numbers and social security numbers in pain text do i hear $15.000?

  • logical fruit
    logical fruit yesterday

    192k subs on Linus Cat 🐈 tips so I guess Linus got his play button after all 😂

  • david bass
    david bass yesterday

    Almost 200,000 subscribers on LinusCatTips now.
    The power of advertising?

  • Valkyrie417
    Valkyrie417 2 days ago

    You Canadians are too fucking nice lol

  • astronaut dolphin detective

    lol i bought windows 10 pro on ebay for 5 dollars hahahaha

    RACETODEATH TM 2 days ago

    Canadian rupees 😐 smh

  • Paul Stubbs
    Paul Stubbs 2 days ago

    But did the Nvidia shield work?

  • Stephen Doherty
    Stephen Doherty 2 days ago

    Resell the Nvidia shield at the auction and make a profit

  • Stephen Doherty
    Stephen Doherty 2 days ago

    Maybe it's all going to North Korea

  • Lorand123123
    Lorand123123 3 days ago

    Fuck , i need to go get all our tech stuff from our store and go sell it on auction.

  • C Cla
    C Cla 3 days ago

    wait so the guy has a million subs, why didn't he get one?

  • Stephen Gregory
    Stephen Gregory 3 days ago this is too funnny

  • ElimRem
    ElimRem 3 days ago

    8:00 Proof that Linus wears shoes and not sandles.

  • andresisawesome
    andresisawesome 3 days ago

    What laptop was he using

  • Joseph DESTAUBIN
    Joseph DESTAUBIN 3 days ago

    Respect for Linus for walking away from the plack. Good job at being human Linus, really. : )

  • rawdmon
    rawdmon 4 days ago

  • Philip Bull
    Philip Bull 4 days ago

    The saga of the NCIX auctions has a much darker underbelly:
    Looks like they had unencrpyted hard drives sitting around containing a ton of customer data which is now in the process of being auctioned off to some pretty shady people.

  • Los2t
    Los2t 4 days ago

    pays 95$ and the regets it and dose ad for massdrop whitch cost 99.99$ nice probebly gona get his moeny back

    CJFLCC CJFLCC 5 days ago

    Fake transactions for chinese here on visas that require biz