My Mom Woke Up From A Coma And It’s Terrifying

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
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    This is Alice. She really wants to share her story, because she needs to know that she’s not alone. A year ago she was a happy girl, and her biggest problem was backtalking at school. Now she so wishes that she could turn back the clock and tell herself that life was great! She’s only 13, and she’s so tired…

    It all started one day when she was at school, in her English class. The headmaster came in and asked her to leave the room. He looked very worried, and Alice immediately felt nervous. When they sat down in his office, he urged her to sit down and told her that something bad had happened in her family. Her mom had been on her way to the school to take Alice home, and got caught up in a bad car crash. It was really, really bad, he said. Be strong, Alice, he said, she was alive but at the hospital, and the doctors were evaluating how serious her injuries were. Now she had to stay at the school until her dad came to take her home.

    Alice didn’t cry; she was in some kind of nervous shock. He gave her some water and called in the school psychologist, who tried to talk to her but Alice stayed silent. She didn’t talk even when her dad came in for her and took her home. There was only one thought in her head: “Dear God, if you exist, make my mom live and be healthy and I’ll be a good girl forever”. Then some very shocking news came from the hospital – her mom was in a coma, and she had very serious brain damage.

    All they could do was pray that she woke up. This situation lasted for quite a long time – several weeks at least. Both Alice and her dad lived a robotic routine – waking up, having breakfast, going about their business, going home, watching TV, going back to sleep. Alice had only that one thought, and couldn’t concentrate on anything else. She felt as though she was physically ageing as the days went by; she was so tired of waiting, and felt that if she looked into the mirror she’d see someone with white hair and their first wrinkles.

    When the news came, Alice didn’t know how to accept it. She finally woke up, that was the good news. But the bad thing was that she had suffered grave brain damage, meaning that she could no longer talk or react to people, or even recognize anyone. They called it a vegetative state, but actually it’s a “vegetable” state – all the individual can really do is breathe, and not much else. The feeling for Alice was one of pure horror. She went to see her mom quite often, but whenever she looked at her all she saw was a shell of a person, not her actual mother. She fantasised about her coming back, but the doctors said no one knew how she would react to the treatment.

    The doctors and nurses, as well as Alice and her dad themselves, did absolutely anything they could to wake her up. She spent long hours reading stories to her, hoping that something would penetrate. And finally, on one glorious day, Alice noticed that as she was reading, her mother’s eyes moved in her direction as if she could hear her. It was a miracle! She ran out of the ward shouting with happiness. The doctors said it was good news because it meant that some of her damaged brain cells were being restored, and from that moment on they could start active rehabilitation. They also performed a brain scan and confirmed that there were regions in her brain that were now reacting to stimuli. Alice and her dad arranged a party to celebrate.

    It may seem foolish, but Alice was sure that her mom would get better in no time at all now that her brain had woken up. They attended physical rehab, where nurses moved her limbs here and there, and she underwent some strange electro-therapies or something like that. In fact, her treatment lasted round the clock. She did respond, but she still couldn’t talk, didn’t recognize her family, didn’t react. And suddenly, all the hope Alice had felt left her. She realized that her mom wouldn’t be coming back. To this day, she remembers the exact moment when this realisation came to her – she took her to a room with a projector and showed her their family videos. And as Alice was watching the old clips of them all happy – and her looking healthy – on the screen, it was the first time since the accident had happened that she started crying, and she gripped her mom’s hand.

    So that’s why Alice feels so tired. Of course, she’s never lost hope. And she never will. But one part of her knows that her mom will never be the same again, and this understanding tears her up inside. She sometimes imagines that her mom has just gone away for a vacation to some beautiful island, and is still enjoying her life. Alice just wishes that she could be there with her.

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  • Shontell Challoner
    Shontell Challoner 2 minutes ago

    It’s ok, I’ve lost many pets in the past 11 years of my life I lost my poppy/grandpa last year befor my bday party I miss him so much so I understand what your going through, your mum will always be in your heart so don’t be sad cuz she is still there for you even though she can’t do much she will always love you. Just know that your not the only one going through all of these things💝

  • Dolores Gregorio
    Dolores Gregorio 15 minutes ago

    Fuck i cried

  • youtube MSJ
    youtube MSJ 26 minutes ago

    This is so sad. It made me cry

  • super gamergirl
    super gamergirl 36 minutes ago

    Poor woman

  • Cathlyn Pretty fan
    Cathlyn Pretty fan 53 minutes ago

    Im crying 😭

  • Melchor Magpatoc
    Melchor Magpatoc an hour ago

    Be strong (I'm crying inside)

  • Gitte Johanneson
    Gitte Johanneson 2 hours ago

    Shit that is sad

  • CallMeClutch-YT
    CallMeClutch-YT 2 hours ago


  • CallMeClutch-YT
    CallMeClutch-YT 2 hours ago

    _read more_

  • RosaxXRosaXx
    RosaxXRosaXx 3 hours ago

    Part 2???

  • No Name
    No Name 3 hours ago

    My friend got a brain tumor and is in the same state that your mother is, his progress has been close to none, but you always have to keep hope.

  • Brinley Seymour
    Brinley Seymour 4 hours ago

    You are so strong and I know that one day your mom will be normal again in heaven. You are going to be able to be with her and she will be with you. Also I know I cannot understand your pain, but I know Jesus Christ can. He wants you to come to him and feel peace again. I hope this helps and you listen because my church the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is what get me through life and I want to share my happiness with others. Go to for any question.

  • Rehuel Gabriella
    Rehuel Gabriella 4 hours ago

    I cry because im a kid if i lose my mom everyday after school i will go to her and kiss her to remind me of the memorys with my mom i feel so sad looking at this vid... I love you mom

  • wonder woman
    wonder woman 5 hours ago

    Your mom is still with you spend as much time with her as you can and just say how much you love her everyday

  • HelloX KPOP
    HelloX KPOP 5 hours ago+1

    I cried just by her tone of voice

  • Hazel McNamara
    Hazel McNamara 6 hours ago

    I’m crying rn

  • Zhariani Correa
    Zhariani Correa 6 hours ago+1

    Awwww,I'm sorry about that,It’s sad.😔😢😭😞☹️🙁😕😣🙂Have a good life,have a fantastic life everyone and stay strong!!🙂🙂

  • Marian Donahue
    Marian Donahue 7 hours ago+4

    I cried so much . I feel really sorry that that happened to you.

  • Hwa sung Park
    Hwa sung Park 7 hours ago+1

    That almost happened to my mom but she lived a little bit