We messed up

  • Published on:  9/18/2018
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  • Loveydoveyhoez 56
    Loveydoveyhoez 56 11 months ago+2440

    Rylands apology is better than Laura Lee’s when he didn’t really have to apologize for anything 💀

  • Sabrina _
    Sabrina _ 10 months ago+1413

    I love that whenever Shane is in a video he is always in a blanket and so nice and calm.

  • tqrx pzz
    tqrx pzz 10 months ago+1670

    Morgan wanted to move out yall trippin'

  • Mireya Seymour
    Mireya Seymour 8 months ago+879

    Morgan is an adult. She's 21. She's not a 13 year old with no money and being tossed out the door. Morgan needs and wants to be on her own as most adults do. She even said she wanted to move out but Ryland was concerned for her so he didn't want to rush her out because she also prefers to stay in. He just wanted her to be involved in the community and find friends etc. But he also wants her to experience LA on her own in her own way. They live close to each other and she just has to pay Shane rent every month. Why do people see a problem with that?? She's so set up unlike Ryland who came to LA with nothing and said his initial experience sucked. So at least she's got someone there to care for her. I wish my brothers were this caring like y'all need to find something else to complain about 😂

  • A T
    A T 8 months ago+990

    “Oh my hell and a half” he sounded so gay when he said that 😂😂

  • Im Obsessed
    Im Obsessed 11 months ago+2686

    They didn't really kick her out they just moved her into shanes apartment so she has her own space .... what a monster

  • Jarrington Luv
    Jarrington Luv 8 months ago+226

    I didn’t feel that vibe from that other video at all. Whoever felt that way are just reaching

  • blazecm
    blazecm 4 months ago+182

    “Wait...I need to take a thumbnail”

  • B ri
    B ri 10 months ago+562

    I think it was already addressed but I do think the people who were offended are either young or are only children/still live at home. Reality- it sucks- when you're in your 20s you can't rely on someone to take care of you after a certain point. Its not like morgan just go to LA with no money and no clue- 1.) she had money from sponsorship (good money and view money) 2.) She's living in Shane's NICE office apartment- NOT some rundown terrible place that most ppl have for a first apartment especially in LA. Again, your viewers are younger and dont fully understand it. You were not only just being a typical brother but you are honestly also a youtuber so you were trying to go for a more dramatic tone which some people tend to overlook. Anyways, don't apologize for a certain group of people not understanding- and don't feel bad they don't get it. A lot of people know what you're trying to do and you're doing the MOST when it comes to your younger sister.

  • nativebitch 25
    nativebitch 25 8 months ago+289

    Reason why i love you guys
    Ryland : funny, positive,nice, best boyfriend, best mom, amazing eyes, has awesome channel, likes animals
    Shane: funny, acts just like me, likes animals, open on camera, has a amazing channel, best pig ever, nice,
    Morgan: iconic, funny, sweet, relatable, has awesome channel, love her eyes😍, acts just like me! , so nice, caring
    Garret: sweet, funny, relatable, creative, nice, caring, loving, cute, has the best laugh in the world , likes animals
    Andrew: sweet, funny, kind, caring, loving, cute, kinda shy but i love it😍

  • raegan
    raegan 11 months ago+1396

    why are people mad for morgan when she's literally not even mad... people just love finding things to get offended by

  • aLmahh
    aLmahh 10 months ago+161

    if you ever try waxing again, (which i doubt) the wax and strip have to be applied in the same direction of the hair growth and then pulled in the opposite direction, not so much smeared all over and punched in place. The wax also has to be a thinner layer that what you guys used.
    Those marks are from you ripping your skin off cause you pressed the strip on too hard. You could have used baby oil to try and remove the left over wax too. ♥

  • Sienna Cullimore
    Sienna Cullimore 10 months ago+197

    Starting a petition to name the dog gucci

  • Suzy Subpar
    Suzy Subpar 10 months ago+318

    What?! Is this for real? You had to make this video to save face bc ppl got upset from the kick out video? Whaaaaat?!!! Omg really people? Clearly they have the best sib relationship! come on! A bird got pushed out the nest, into another beautiful nest! Geez! I would love! Get over it.

  • Sophiie
    Sophiie 5 months ago+60

    you're supposed to trim the hair to a shorter length first lol that must have hurt so bad.

  • Snitches And Witches
    Snitches And Witches 11 months ago+1145

    Ryland, I’m so sorry. I was excited to see the series of you and Morgan helping each other and I actually think that it’s a good idea. I’m sorry you got so much backlash...

  • Triston Taute
    Triston Taute 4 months ago+36

    I don’t think people understand how sibling relationships work smh

  • Sarah G
    Sarah G 9 months ago+57

    He was just being an older brother, he wants the best for his little sister and she honestly wanted to move out anyway... wtf does it matter? Ignore the haters ❤️

  • Brooke Marshall
    Brooke Marshall 6 months ago+35

    Oil to remove wax!! A bit late on the train but for future reference 😊

  • Gacha.London
    Gacha.London 1 months ago+12

    Morgan:I’m not the victim

    IM DIEING 😂🐷