LG press conference at CES 2019 in 8 minutes

  • Published on:  1/7/2019
  • LG's CES press conference opened with smart appliances and a beer-making device, and closed with a futuristic-looking TV that can roll up and hide away when it's not in use. There are also plenty of awkward moments mixed in. Here's our rundown of all the highlights.

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  • ice waffle
    ice waffle 2 days ago

    LG is the legend of furniture.

  • Julián Esteban
    Julián Esteban 3 days ago

    Grandes e probado 4k en la consola y es fantástico que grandes

  • hansol kang
    hansol kang 8 days ago

    아 내가 한국인이다!

    HC WISDOM 9 days ago+2

    Ahh, it looks amazing and great but is it secure?

  • Avery Liu
    Avery Liu 9 days ago

    Home brew is device we need all this time

  • 제이슨신
    제이슨신 9 days ago

    So great tv comes with fugly tv stand. Wow.

  • Mitchell Rohrbaugh
    Mitchell Rohrbaugh 10 days ago

    We have serious issues people of the world, where companies are making at home beer making machines.

  • abhinav chokhavatia
    abhinav chokhavatia 10 days ago

    Will it all still work when power goes out?

  • coderedtonio
    coderedtonio 11 days ago

    Joelster There is no innovation from the Big 3 manufacturers @Sony @Samsung @LG and you guys know there is absolutely NO focus on HDR, picture quality,10 bit color or BURN IN.... 8K is not feasible if 4K isn’t perfected
    AI integration & 8K shouldn’t be the focus in 2019...smh 🧐

  • r .ra
    r .ra 12 days ago+3

    LG = king of TV

  • Dave Jones
    Dave Jones 12 days ago

    I want an 8k oled 65" tomorrow

  • brandon garrison
    brandon garrison 12 days ago

    I’’m impress

  • Nitro plex Hyper
    Nitro plex Hyper 12 days ago

    wow technology is evolving

  • Mark Thomson
    Mark Thomson 12 days ago

    Ns LG! 👍👌👏

  • sweetbrandigirl
    sweetbrandigirl 12 days ago

    Hum not a mention of Micro-LED

  • Jin Kazama
    Jin Kazama 12 days ago+2

    Excellent presentation.

  • kirby march barcena
    kirby march barcena 12 days ago

    LG - Life's Great

  • R M
    R M 12 days ago

    eh does it have AI technology supported by Deep Learning tho?

  • yedija luhur
    yedija luhur 12 days ago+3

    That rollable TV is awesome !

  • Pikminmj9
    Pikminmj9 13 days ago

    Always hate when tvs try to automatically "enhance" the image, I just want the image/movie to look exactly like it was intended