3 Things You Must Do to Look Like Angela Bassett



  • Brandon Murphy
    Brandon Murphy a years ago+244

    -Get facials regularly
    -No dairy
    -Workout with responsibility
    -No bread/Flour; Ezekiel Bread (Sprouted Bread)
    -Veggies everyday
    -M-T Carbs/ Fruit(Cardio)
    -T-W Protein/Veggies (Lifting/Cardio)
    -TH-F Good fats coconut oil, almond oil/butter, salmon, walnut oil (Lifting)

  • Vanett77
    Vanett77 a years ago+70

    I love this woman, she is goals af!

  • Donnie P
    Donnie P a years ago+55

    I have waited years to hear this information💜

  • tyrone jones
    tyrone jones a years ago+41

    I wish she would just tell women that weights is a huge part of her body maintenance..that way women wouldn't be afraid to lift.

  • Nina Underdue
    Nina Underdue 11 months ago+25

    Yes your highness.

  • Dear Ashley That's Me
    Dear Ashley That's Me 10 months ago+21

    I love that she vomited all that out to us!! 😂😂😂 None of us were ready for that! Yess!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • Shay
    Shay 10 months ago+12

    Girl I had pen and paper ready as soon as I saw this video

  • llewohor
    llewohor 11 months ago+8

    Bassett is describing Haylie Pomroy's "Fast Metabolism Diet," including the daily structure and the accompanying suggested exercise. Google it.

  • Lamanda Ballard
    Lamanda Ballard 7 months ago+4

    As many times as I've watch this interview, Laila's reaction gets me every time! Her face is exactly how I felt inside. lol

  • Ms. Nelle
    Ms. Nelle a years ago+7

    I mean DAMNIT. I love this.

  • Brittany Edwards
    Brittany Edwards a years ago+7

    Thank you so much!!

  • WBM
    WBM 8 months ago+2

    OMG. Such a generous QUEEEENNN!

  • Amanda Heinen
    Amanda Heinen 14 days ago

    This is everything!!!! ❤

  • likesmusic11
    likesmusic11 8 months ago+3

    60 and RIDICULOUSLY beautiful.

  • Mr. Eva
    Mr. Eva 21 days ago

    Ha! I've done none of these and I look just like her💕

  • MsCiara222
    MsCiara222 10 months ago+3

    my SHEro !!!

  • Blair Brown
    Blair Brown 11 months ago+2

    Love her!!! She’s so beautiful!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 #goals

  • Eileana Oakley
    Eileana Oakley 10 months ago+3

    Looking good angela bassett

  • Marco André
    Marco André 11 months ago+4

    She's sooooooooo cool

  • TheGreat Jennifer Banks
    TheGreat Jennifer Banks 11 months ago+3

    Where’s the whole video?