Who can LOSE the MOST WEIGHT in 24 Hours - Challenge

  • Published on:  1/16/2019
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  • James Siddall 13 days ago

    This is how much Jill weighs (in pounds)⬇️

  • Jason Prawirohardjo 6 hours ago

    Should’ve done it in tons

  • Martin Geng 8 hours ago

    She weighs 👍 pounds

  • Ruby Tube 9 days ago

    This is how much mom ate not healthy👇🏼

  • Jellyhawk Burns yesterday


  • Devils daughter yh 10 days ago

    Is anyone else watching this in 2019 like if u am

  • Raziel Haley 14 hours ago

    Your not the only one buddy

  • Sarah Lawton yesterday

    yes I am isn't that cool

  • Archieross19 X 2 days ago

    This is how much Jill weighs (in TOUNS)⬇️

  • Esther Mebrahtu 1 months ago

    This is how many times Jill cheats and doesn't win⬇

  • Rania Hassan 3 days ago

    Miranda Is a loser

  • Meghan Russo 3 days ago


  • Tom Lun 15 days ago

    This is how many times Morgz makes thing more dramatic than it has to be

  • Juan Maldonado 2 days ago

    Jill should get susspenid from every challenge

  • DatGurlGracie 3 days ago

    I think its kind of rude( I know its scripts and all) but he lile shames his mom of being big, but she weights less then him 😂

  • Mandy Carter 6 days ago

    This is how many times Jill cheers II

  • Junayd Ahmad 5 days ago

    Jill eats so much it will be so hard for her my dad weighs 95.3 and they weigh way more then 100

  • They are weighing in pounds are you weighing in kgs