Explore the Infinite Possibilities! FANTASTIC FOUR #2 and more! | Marvel’s Pull List

  • Published on:  9/11/2018
  • Ryan and Tucker talk about the alternate and infinite possibilities explored in this week’s new Marvel comics, including EXILES #8, FANTASTIC FOUR #2, INFINITY WARS #3, and MS. MARVEL #34. Listen to the FULL podcast at https://marvel.com/podcasts► Subscribe to Marvel: http://bit.ly/WeO3YJFollow Marvel on Twitter: https://twitter.com/marvelLike Marvel on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/MarvelFor even more news, stay tuned to:Tumblr: http://marvelentertainment.tumblr.com/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marvelGoogle+: https://plus.google.com/+marvelPinterest: http://pinterest.com/marvelofficial


  • Luny & Milky 9 months ago

    Damn!, that Exiles issue really sounds fun as hell! :)

  • Iman Rosohadi 9 months ago

    Still waiting for carnage solo run marvel.

  • Iman Rosohadi 9 months ago

    @Moch Rizaldy So ?

  • Moch Rizaldy 9 months ago

    I hope not, because sony still has the movie rights

  • Superhero Indonesia 9 months ago

    Ryan is getting better and better with his act of running the show, great job Ryan, keep it up man!!

  • izz Saverage 9 months ago

    Fantastic 4 better be in the MCU

  • Zarucking 9 months ago

    Yeah !!!!! Singularity! Finally !( I was worried you forgot about her after civil war 2)

  • DAZawisza 9 months ago

    She was in A-Force, but I lost track of her after that. I'm with you tho: glad she's back!

  • 1M View 9 months ago


  • Le Titan Fou 9 months ago

    Trailer ?? Captain Marvel ??????????,!!!!!!!!

  • izz Saverage 9 months ago

    We need A MOVIEEEEE

  • King Mfinity 9 months ago

    man marvel is so much better than dc xD

  • MistiZ 9 months ago

    The best