Marvel’s Spider-Man – Gameplay Launch Trailer | PS4

  • Published on:  8/13/2018
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man coming exclusively to PS4.Pre-order now!Available September 7, 2018Learn more:► Subscribe to Marvel: Marvel on Twitter: Marvel on FaceBook: even more news, stay tuned to:Tumblr:


  • Lambert 10 months ago

    Waiting for the battle with the Sinister Six.This is gonna be epic!But the balance must be kept in any case.

  • Amir Ateito 9 months ago

    Oh srry im say fie no die

  • Amir Ateito 9 months ago

    Thanos i want to u fie în avengers 4 doctor strânge kill u

  • Big M 10 months ago

    WIth great power comes great framerates

  • Davidth 10 months ago

    Sleekbog 23 confirmed to only be on PS4 (maybe remastered later for PS5)

  • smFTV 10 months ago

    Lol ya its confirmed locked at 30fps but gameplay looks super smooth still

  • AssembleA 10 months ago

    "Alright kid, you're an Avenger now."

  • AnthonyYouTubeFan 10 months ago

    AssembleA -- The RPX Theater I was in, erupted after those lines. Truly an epic moment. Peter was/is a great addition to The Team. He was great in the film.

  • AssembleA 10 months ago

    Homeboy_Brando He's not THE most powerful. He's one of them. There is a difference.

  • Wizard Lizard 10 months ago

    *"Look Out, Here Comes The Spider-Man!"*

  • Vincent Ly 10 months ago

    It reminds me of Spider-man '67.

  • drakoon 10 months ago

    Dred it, run from it, destiny arrives!!!

  • Nathen Mixon 10 months ago

    I almost jumped out of my window then I realized I had no web shooters....

  • Be Creative 10 months ago

    so its your afterlife part or what hahahahaha

  • Surfacekilla 1 10 months ago

    you also need superhuman strength to take the strain

  • Kelso Beukelaers 10 months ago

    This looks so amazing! I can't wait to play it!

  • Ghott0 9 months ago

    Like the spider ManGot it? Haha I'm so funny.... Not

  • Beyond The Script 10 months ago

    I've got a PS4 just for this

  • SKYGGEN 10 months ago

    Im gonna bye one for this game i Got a Xbox one and a pc

  • DiscoverMarvel 10 months ago


  • The Skate Crew 10 months ago

    Only 25 days !!!!!!

  • Christof S 9 months ago

    The Skate Crew oh...Im from Germany

  • The Skate Crew 9 months ago

    @Christof S shied i'm from mexico 😂😕

  • TONY STARK 10 months ago

    Kid,You're an Avenger now.

  • Enclave Remnant 10 months ago

    Luiz Melendez I'll do you one better, Why is Gamora ?

  • Luiz Melendez 10 months ago

    Still wondering who is Gamora??