Sailors Notice A Strange Animal Stranded On Ice Miles Out To Sea And Take The Only Humane Action



  • Lloyd Nielsen
    Lloyd Nielsen 11 months ago+72

    That’s so good of them to help the little guy the world needs more people like these guys and gals

  • Ant Mcqueen
    Ant Mcqueen 11 months ago+61

    Thanks for saving the fox you were that foxes angels that day incredible 🦋

  • Trish King
    Trish King 11 months ago+35

    What a beautiful story

  • Celia Morelli
    Celia Morelli 11 months ago+41

    Vienna sausages save the day!

  • Gary Smith
    Gary Smith 11 months ago+27

    Fantastic work congratulations on saving this beautiful dog yours sincerely Gary

  • Melissa Warfield
    Melissa Warfield 11 months ago+32

    Wonderful story.

  • Angel Routh
    Angel Routh 11 months ago+25

    Beautiful story ❤️

    H. CALVERT 11 months ago+42

    Arctic foxes have a white coat in winter. It's protective colouration. 🐈

  • Lorrie Marti
    Lorrie Marti 11 months ago+21

    That was awesome

  • cerberusk9uk
    cerberusk9uk 11 months ago+19

    Not really unexpected in that environment though... Great save all the same
    😂 👍👌

  • flowerseva
    flowerseva 11 months ago+70

    Very good karma for all
    Of you !! Thank you !!

  • Kristy *
    Kristy * 11 months ago+19

    What a great rescue! Bless you for saving this sweet Fox's life! Good karma!

  • Shy-Ann Baker
    Shy-Ann Baker 11 months ago+19

    I love you should know so much

  • Jack Sprat
    Jack Sprat 11 months ago+19

    Nice story.

  • Tone Wilhelmsen
    Tone Wilhelmsen 11 months ago+12


  • Green House
    Green House 11 months ago+7

    That expression on the fox his face on 3:38 is priceless.

  • Beatrice Peter
    Beatrice Peter 10 months ago+21

    Arctic Fox.Rare view for the ordinary people we are

  • hattie nuff
    hattie nuff 10 months ago+2

    Bless the crew for saving this beautiful fox 😘 may all their journeys out to sea be safe & fruitful

  • Jahna Roth
    Jahna Roth 11 months ago+18

    now that's a rescue! Lucky somebody liked sausages!

  • ICE Kemp
    ICE Kemp 11 months ago+26

    arctic fox ?? Animal lovers i ♥️you.