10,000cal Hot Pocket Challenge (2,000,000 sub video?)

  • Published on:  10/4/2016
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  • Sena
    Sena 2 years ago+2497

    Fake. Hot Pockets take at least a year before they cool down enough to eat.

  • NathanAbby Riwhi
    NathanAbby Riwhi 2 years ago+847

    Who else watches food reviews and stuff when they're hungry

  • plauge doctor plauge
    plauge doctor plauge 2 months ago+131

    Walmart: today is going to be a good day
    Matt stonie:*walks in*
    Walmart: ah shit

  • Boyd Smith
    Boyd Smith a years ago+678

    Like if mat is better than furious pete

    AJGGG 2 years ago+306

    After the first five minutes he was just eating 25 minutes of cold pockets

  • Brittany Carter
    Brittany Carter 2 years ago+1439

    How much you wanna bet that like half of those was still a little cold 😂

  • M G
    M G 2 years ago+478

    Now you can have a hot pocket for breakfast, a hot pocket for lunch, and be dead by dinner. Hoooot pooocket.

  • P0Z G0Z
    P0Z G0Z 2 years ago+156

    Wow ur lucky to have all those hot pockets I love hot pockets

  • Holo
    Holo 14 days ago+15

    Why am I watching this?
    I don't even know what exactly a hot pocket is

  • Jamal Sampson
    Jamal Sampson 3 days ago+5

    I absolutely love Hot Pockets! Meatball & Mozzarella along with Pepperoni are my absolute favorites. Great video!!! I actually enjoy all of their flavors.

  • Jinful Taemtations
    Jinful Taemtations 2 years ago+1948

    Who else watches these videos while they are starving?!? 😂 Bk I am

  • Cristian Mancillas
    Cristian Mancillas a years ago+38

    I can eat that many hot pockets. Only if you're buying though

  • Cole Thor
    Cole Thor 9 months ago+44

    Pepperoni pizza flavor is the best

  • The Mystic Creators
    The Mystic Creators a years ago+14

    Hot pockets
    "Each bit is a different temperature"

  • Jason Luigi
    Jason Luigi a years ago+84

    Legends say he is still pooping

  • Cade Hopson
    Cade Hopson 2 years ago+701

    it would be cool if you weighed yourself before and after each challenge

  • BulletTholes Swole
    BulletTholes Swole 4 days ago+2

    “Oh crap I look pregnant”

  • EthanTales
    EthanTales 3 days ago+1

    I'm late but I love hot pockets soo much I could probably eat all of those

  • Gauche Suede
    Gauche Suede 2 days ago+1

    You're already at 9 million, congrats man

  • Birtycle 204
    Birtycle 204 7 months ago+7

    The legend says he hasn't left the toilet since 2016