Top Gear News : Series 14 (Best Moments)

  • Published on:  8/22/2018
  • Watch and share This Funny Compilation of Best Moments in Top Gear : Season 14 "The News" . Watch Top Gear Awards (FULL) Playlist : The First Ever Top Gear "The News" : Support a Noble Cause (Charity to BUY me a McLaren P15) , Kindly Make These Links Your Bookmark and Buy from These whenever you have to : (Amazon India) (Amazon USA) (Amazon UK)Enjoy This #TheNews , Have a Great Day AND Share This Video to #TopGear Fans !


  • Hell Toréer 2 10 months ago

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  • Retrokid Ian 4 months ago


  • Dillon Davis 5 months ago

    Hell Toréer 2, Audi, Audi makes great cars

  • TheBiasedGuy 10 months ago

    I love Jeremy's range of accents.

  • Gaurav Dayakar 12 days ago

    The German accents are the best!

  • Hannah Miyamoto 4 months ago

    Watch the Reliant Robin slagging episode if you really want to see the Boys tenderly razz "The North."

  • Billy Lynx 5 months ago

    I wish my name was "Pagani Zonda with optional ceramic brake package" 😢

  • NAME NAME NAME 8 months ago

    RIP fly 2009-2009

  • Lisa Arthur's 5 months ago


  • Josh Roberts 9 months ago

    "but it isn't wasn't" lol.

  • Bright Ivan 9 months ago

    “... we particularly like the lesbian sort.” 🤣

  • Maxgaming05 7 months ago

    I read that right as he said it lol

  • HerrBratwurst 8 months ago

    he really like the lesbian sort.

  • Leon McMahon 10 months ago

    Declare war with france

  • Tactics-MNK 29 days ago

    Dead men tell no tales 1914 Oof you got stepped on. We have a bigger island. Filled with even dumber folks than the Welsh. We are neighbours of Germany.

  • Fawwaz Rafif 1 months ago

    *evil smile*

  • BG Hoody 9 months ago

    These three guys are comedy gold. I could watch them all day.

  • Isaac Kariuki 10 months ago

    I think British parents are more um, what's the word I'm looking for, Intelligent LMAO

  • deathrooster14 7 months ago

    As an American I can confirm this as fact.

  • rcmgamer218 7 months ago

    Are these the same parents that taught their kids to shut down all British infrastructure if there’s a centimeter of snow on the ground?

  • Leon McMahon 10 months ago

    If Alonso twats into our car his ferrari will be bugged

  • George Williams 5 months ago

    The accent was hilarious

  • Alex Hing 5 months ago

    Y Y Y