Chen Weixing vs TableTennisDaily's Dan!

  • Published on:  8/24/2018
  • Subscribe to TableTennisDaily: guys, here’s a new 1 set showdown with former world number 9 Chen Weixing! Chen is an incredible player who has featured in some legendary matches with his unique defense into attack playing style. In this video I challenge Chen to a 1 set showdown at the recent World Veteran Championships in Las Vegas at the JOOLA booth!Thanks to JOOLA in having me here at this incredible tournament here in Las Vegas! Be sure to check out and follow JOOLA USA here:'s Shop: Academy: Table Tennis News here: Credit to: Jordan Schor - Cosmic (feat. Nathan Brumley) [NCS Release]


  • TableTennisDaily
    TableTennisDaily  11 months ago+65

    Hey guys, thanks for watching! I'm not to sure how well the video shows it but Chen's backspin was SUPER heavy! Stay tuned for many more! 🔥 Who would you like me to challenge next?

  • ttlondon2012
    ttlondon2012 11 months ago+274

    Dan World Rank Useless :)

  • Jharna
    Jharna 11 months ago+193

    I'm surprised Chen Weixing didn't throw his paddle and stretch his pants up when Dan called for a time-out.

  • Nadia Messous
    Nadia Messous 8 months ago+78

    At 2:07 you could see how much spin he put on the ball

  • John Ny
    John Ny 11 months ago+114

    I trained with his wife. No.. seriously. His wife trained me when I was 15.

  • Gustavo Suenaga
    Gustavo Suenaga 11 months ago+101


  • Tan Yifan
    Tan Yifan 11 months ago+88

    World rank : Useless HAHAHHAHAHA

  • Sims S.
    Sims S. 11 months ago+84

    Chen World Number 9??? In 1993???

  • Age of Dreams
    Age of Dreams 11 months ago+36

    Mad respect for Chen, his backhand is insane seeing it from this angle!

  • Toni Lupion
    Toni Lupion 11 months ago+49

    Ilegal move. You can't ask for a time out following your opponent's time out. Dan won 😁

  • Simon Yousif
    Simon Yousif 2 months ago+9

    2:05 look at the ball when it hits the floor THATS BACKSPIN!!! lol

  • Fiyaaah
    Fiyaaah 11 months ago+32

    "World rank : Useless"
    Seems accurate ;)

  • macrofunction
    macrofunction 11 months ago+22

    I never doubted Chen but I wonder if his temper sometimes gets the better of him.

  • Craig Laycox
    Craig Laycox 3 months ago+4

    This guy is reallly good.Thats what elite looks like...he can play at quarter speed and win easily.

  • Alim Purnomosidi
    Alim Purnomosidi 11 months ago+20

    Please Dan, Challenge Zang Jike

  • Zhi Yin
    Zhi Yin 21 days ago

    3:52 so that's the real power?

  • Jason Shoemaker
    Jason Shoemaker 3 months ago

    It may be just me and the camera angle Dan serves are all illegal you have to be behind the line on servers. Atleast in tournament play.

  • Robert Koren
    Robert Koren 11 months ago

    i`m smiling ;-) great fun

  • Raphael Shay
    Raphael Shay 11 months ago+3

    Where do they announce the winners?

  • ラーメン赤城
    ラーメン赤城 28 days ago