Samsung Galaxy Watch hands-on

  • Published on:  8/9/2018
  • The Galaxy Watch is Samsung’s latest take on wearables. It features a bezel used to navigate through menus, lasts up to four days on a charge, and can track 40 different physical activities. It comes in 42 and 46mm sizes, with the option of LTE support.Subscribe: The Verge on Facebook: on Twitter: on Instagram: More: http://www.theverge.comCommunity guidelines: to Verge Science on YouTube, a new home base for our explorations into the future of science:


  • The Verge
    The Verge  a years ago+80

    What do you think of the navigational crown on the Galaxy Watch? Should a wearable be all-screen, or have tactile feedback?

  • Charlie Helmijr
    Charlie Helmijr a years ago+460

    Nice calm guy doing the video, you don't see that often on a demo floor like that. Great job!

  • Techtonic
    Techtonic a years ago+322

    At 3:25 you said "Android Wearable", I appreciate that anyone can make that mistake but for the benefit of anyone watching, it's actually running on Tizen not Wear OS.

  • ClaxtonBay123
    ClaxtonBay123 a years ago+233

    "thickness compared to a real watch is about the same".... Bro... real watches come at all levels of thickness. There's no standard thickness

  • Andrew B
    Andrew B a years ago+266

    Stefan is an awesome addition to The Verge, love his reviewing style.

  • TheMrverdes
    TheMrverdes a years ago+361

    that's a bezel... not a crown

  • ochexavier
    ochexavier a years ago+38

    Great first impressions

  • Nate Woodward
    Nate Woodward a years ago+254

    Typical Verge. I love how the assumption right off the bat is that what Android users REALLY want is an Apple Watch, but since they have an Android phone, this is the "alternative", the next best thing. Ridiculous.

  • Anmol Raj
    Anmol Raj a years ago+6

    Aren't Crown & Bezel different words?

  • Abdul Nafay Hasan
    Abdul Nafay Hasan a years ago+19

    I'm sure it runs tizen and not android

  • SDG Danny
    SDG Danny a years ago+7

    Those interfaces are beautiful

  • Abdul Nafay Hasan
    Abdul Nafay Hasan a years ago+7

    Not much upgrade compared to gear S3

  • El Deivid
    El Deivid a years ago+6

    So glad I bought my frontier S3 about a month ago. 360 USD just to improve battery life? No thanks

  • Evandre Smith
    Evandre Smith a years ago

    Wow you guys put this video together so quickly! Thanks for the upload!

  • Vikings426
    Vikings426 a years ago+4

    Rotating circle? Bezel...

  • Adrian S
    Adrian S a years ago+3

    Why didn't they make the Gold color in both sizes? 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Aleksander Hoff
    Aleksander Hoff a years ago+5

    Soooo.. its basically just the same as the now 2 year old Gear S3? The journalist makes it sound like the features are anything new.. but its the same as it has always been. New this time is basically the 1 software feature of getting daily updates.. which they can easily give to the Gear S3 as well if they want. They probably won't though, because its Samsung.

  • pisse3000
    pisse3000 a years ago

    Refreshing to have a host at a hands-on event not sound like they're screaming

  • Sarah Hobbes
    Sarah Hobbes a years ago+1

    It’s a rotating bezel u dummy!!
    The Apple watch ⌚️ is the one that uses digital crown

  • timothyzc
    timothyzc a years ago

    Moto 360 needs a refresh for me to buy a smartwatch