Hairdresser Reacts to Ramen Noodle Perm



  • Brad Mondo
    Brad Mondo  7 days ago+7126

    Would you ever get a perm?

  • Aaliyah Parker
    Aaliyah Parker 7 days ago+6195

    I’m getting tired of being catfished by your sleeves Brad😂

  • abby drake
    abby drake 7 days ago+2154

    brad’s shirt sleeves be like: 🌊🌺🐟

  • Diya Patel
    Diya Patel 7 days ago+907

    Applying for hairdresser job:
    Person: how much experienced u have?
    Me thinking back on all of brads videos and explanations: a lot

  • Now United
    Now United 2 days ago+57

    If Brad could just see how my hair is heat damaged he will die .

  • Nancy Chirau
    Nancy Chirau 7 days ago+373

    Am I the only one that's trigged when brad said there is no sound on this video then me seeing the mute thingamabob on like WHAT

  • Mark Petrowsky
    Mark Petrowsky 7 days ago+4474

    Brad: “you look stunning”
    Me in bed with cheeto dust all over me: thanks

  • Melissa Marin
    Melissa Marin 7 days ago+1032

    just waiting for a reaction to James Charles bleaching his hair

  • Hey Bro It's Lo
    Hey Bro It's Lo 7 days ago+280

    Brad: “ I wouldn’t even use rods at all. I would actually use these things which are like metal rods”

  • Emily Kilmer
    Emily Kilmer 4 days ago+263

    Why did I read this "hairdresser reacts to Ramen noodle porn" 😂😂😂
    I mean, I still clicked it thinking it was the ramen porn 👀

  • Tenaee Simpson
    Tenaee Simpson 5 days ago+89

    Did anyone else go FLEXI RODS when they popped up on the screen... No? Just me? Okay

  • Tami M2006
    Tami M2006 7 days ago+6962

    Brad always tells us that we’re beautiful and we never say it back brad ur beautiful ❤️

  • Jenn Wojack
    Jenn Wojack 2 days ago+10

    When that last girl took those out, all I could see is Nancy from Stranger Things.

  • PsychoGemini39
    PsychoGemini39 7 days ago+327

    Literally had surgery two days ago snd has tampons stuffed up her nose
    „U look soo bEAuTifUl“

  • viviblocksberg
    viviblocksberg yesterday+6

    brad: ooh u look stunning
    me: socially awkward in front of the screen

  • Casserpillar
    Casserpillar 7 days ago+218

    Oof, as the daughter of a hairdresser, I can practically smell this video 🤭

  • Emilia 04
    Emilia 04 2 days ago+14

    Brad: What‘s Up beautiful How you doing today you Look stunningggg
    Me: laying in bed with a doublechin and looking like i just woke up
    ‚Thank you i know💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️‘

  • Addisyn Hardesty
    Addisyn Hardesty yesterday+1

    Brad: Why hello there! You look stunning!☺️
    Me: Eating Taco Bell in stained sweatpants and a hoodie uh huh👀

  • Lena W
    Lena W 3 days ago+12

    I got a perm when i was 12 and my hair has been curly ever since. Guess i had naturally curly hair all along🤣🤣

  • Rose Faoiltiama
    Rose Faoiltiama 2 days ago+3

    it would be so awesome if Brad and Naomi Jon could collab for a reaction!! I would love to see how their personalities would go together and for them to have fun and have a cool new experience! :)