Adding Fish to the Bass Pond!!

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
  • After the Hurricane Gordon setback, we fixed our issues and added some fish to the backyard bass pond.Day 1 Pond Build: 2 Pond Build: Crappie and Catfish to the Pond: Backyard Pond Parts:Waterfall Pump - Pump - - Waterfall - - Dosing System - System - Lights - - - Pole - Net - Filter - Remover - to see our pet bass added to the pond! us on social media: for your fishing products at


  • Boss Levels
    Boss Levels 11 months ago+160

    Don’t you just hate it when the wheelbarrow tips over 😖
    Thank god it wasn’t concrete

  • DisrrptTTV _
    DisrrptTTV _ 11 months ago+98

    I hope the catfish survive

  • Nicksperiments
    Nicksperiments 9 months ago+483

    Disliked. Not a single bass guitar was added to the bass pond, just a bunch of fish. Smh..

  • AlphaOtterYT
    AlphaOtterYT 11 months ago+195

    Never clicked on a video so fast

  • RM Animal Ranch
    RM Animal Ranch 11 months ago+150

    Moby is hugeee i remember when he was tiny like a minnow. He grew so fast awesome video and love the pond

  • gmanlipripper
    gmanlipripper 11 months ago+157

    can't wait to see Moby in the big tank

  • Ask MiName
    Ask MiName 6 months ago+44

    i meen its a big pond, but i dont resaly think its practical to have a bass pond. besides eating everything that fits in their mouth, eventually I bet some type of bird or who knows will eat the bass out of the pond. 3ft isnt that deep for a bass pond.

  • NatesFishingLife
    NatesFishingLife 11 months ago+62

    Does this mean that tank Tuesday will turn into pond tuesday

  • georgia fisherman
    georgia fisherman 11 months ago+63

    Ready for that crappie!!!

  • Princess Jasmine
    Princess Jasmine 7 months ago+22

    Off topic but Deshawn is cute😂💋
    Ps. Love the Pond I don't know how I got here but I am glad I did!

  • Southern Outdoors
    Southern Outdoors 11 months ago+33

    Waiting for this all week.And luckily Have just enough phone battery to watch this cause we have no power in NC.It is boring but this made me smile.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.( GOD BLESS YOU MAN)

  • Reel Outdoors
    Reel Outdoors 11 months ago+30

    thanks for the vid have a lot of home work to finish and this relaxed me, thanks.

  • joco2k
    joco2k 1 months ago+1

    New Suggested title for this video series:
    “What to Do With Your Lottery Winnings”

  • Fruit Snack
    Fruit Snack 11 months ago+21

    1:00. Dashawn looked too happy😂😭

  • TheTownOf Shizzle
    TheTownOf Shizzle 5 months ago+3

    Is it me or was anyone else expecting the pond to be 3x bigger

  • Solar Views
    Solar Views 11 months ago+21

    You should put some crayfish In there

  • Cayden Thompson
    Cayden Thompson 11 months ago+37

    Really come a long way since moby was a minnow

  • Dalton Perkes
    Dalton Perkes 11 months ago+1

    Definitely rooting for the catfish. keep up the great work bamabass, love the vids.

  • Modern Design Aquascaping Inc.

    Pond is looking great, it will continue to get clearer and clearer over time. It will also start to grow some algae for the baitfish to graze on soon. Love the video, keep on rockin👍😎👍

  • Livebearer Fancier
    Livebearer Fancier 2 months ago+1

    Studies have shown that Crappie minnows are better at getting rid of mosquitoes than mosquito fish.
    P.S. In general it's not a good Idea to spread mosquito fish around because they have been known to be aggressive to other fish of the same size and eat the fry of other fish. Some fish species have become threatened because of the spread of mosquito fish in the U.S. and in other countries mosquito have become invasive.