Adding Fish to the Bass Pond!!

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
  • After the Hurricane Gordon setback, we fixed our issues and added some fish to the backyard bass pond.Day 1 Pond Build: 2 Pond Build: Crappie and Catfish to the Pond: Backyard Pond Parts:Waterfall Pump - Pump - - Waterfall - - Dosing System - System - Lights - - - Pole - Net - Filter - Remover - to see our pet bass added to the pond! us on social media: for your fishing products at


  • DisrrptTTV _ 9 months ago

    I hope the catfish survive

  • Boss Levels 9 months ago

    Don’t you just hate it when the wheelbarrow tips over 😖Thank god it wasn’t concrete

  • John Schauder 1 months ago

    Orumn45 you do realize that with your plan the boss would find it and say, hey who did this? Then everyone on the job site would say, “it wasn’t me.” including you. And everybody would blame you because you are a compulsive liar and then you wouldn’t get a free’d be buying lunch for everyone. Do this two or three times and not only would you have to pay for everyone’s lunch a few times,But you’d also be fired(just like every other on you’ve ever had

  • Orumn45 1 months ago

    @John Schauder Things go just fine, i get lunch so im happy

  • Nicksperiments 7 months ago

    Disliked. Not a single bass guitar was added to the bass pond, just a bunch of fish. Smh..

  • Armageddon Ninja 1 months ago

    @Stephanie Ann r/woosh

  • Byrdman 51/50 1 months ago

    @Stephanie Ann oh, man wooosh right over your head... You are gonna have a rough life, if something doesn't click soon.

  • RM Animal Ranch 9 months ago

    Moby is hugeee i remember when he was tiny like a minnow. He grew so fast awesome video and love the pond

  • timmybmn 1 months ago

    Catfish are the far the democrats of the pond. They do nothing, sit on the bottom eating what everyone else dropped, they get fat and look ugly. Lazy freeloaders if you ask me.

  • SlipperyXXHippo 9 months ago

    XxEmxlyxX he was comparing the size of the bass to a minnow. Such a smart ass I’ll tell ya

  • AlphaOtterYT 9 months ago

    Never clicked on a video so fast

  • stefan w 7 months ago

    @Gripping Lips Fishing because he has no life

  • Princess Jasmine 5 months ago

    Off topic but Deshawn is cute😂💋Ps. Love the Pond I don't know how I got here but I am glad I did!

  • gmanlipripper 9 months ago

    can't wait to see Moby in the big tank

  • Lowkeysoul 888 9 months ago

    He will eat all the fishes if Moby will be transferred in the pond. Ahha

  • The JQ Channel 9 months ago

    That would not be good😬

  • Andrew Lane 4 months ago

    I'm literally obsessed with these videos of ur pond. Super jealous

  • Not Important 4 months ago

    so much work for something so small... damn... i wish they had a little more volume to that pond, that really is kind of restrictive for game fish

  • BassBlowupstv 9 months ago

    thanks for the vid have a lot of home work to finish and this relaxed me, thanks.

  • same

  • Snowy 9 months ago

    BassBlowupstv nice 👍 same here