The truth about the BREAK UP...

  • Published on:  7/14/2019
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  • Tay&Jass
    Tay&Jass  1 months ago+2338

    the truth...

  • Desiree Willams
    Desiree Willams 1 months ago+56

    You can tell jazz still love him😩🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Kyee Beautyy
    Kyee Beautyy 1 months ago+59

    Only person talking is him . I understand he went thru stuff but what about her ? She looks hurt too and she barely said one word . He talking about how he feel but again she just had a baby she has feelings too , everything cant be about Tay.

  • Brittany Halliburton
    Brittany Halliburton 1 months ago+80

    Who else here because of part 2 now u got to catch up lol🤣😂

  • Jayee B
    Jayee B 1 months ago+35

    He’s lowkey tryna blame her for everything.. & i feel as if she feels like it was all her fault. I loved yall together but Tae does need to seek professional help about his depression but don’t blame her for everything.

  • VibeMel
    VibeMel 1 months ago+60

    He can’t even look at her 🥺 and she’s just staring at him 🥺💔

  • Ja Nasia
    Ja Nasia 1 months ago+50

    Sad thing about this 😒 tay couldn’t even make eye contact 🤦🏽‍♀️🤬 he’s the one who wanted to break up 🙄 now he acts like everything is her fault 😒 you left right after the baby tay 😞

  • Jaida Farmer
    Jaida Farmer 1 months ago+28

    Tay seems to make everything about him.

  • Rajè Jordan
    Rajè Jordan 1 months ago+34

    you can tell Tay is hurt bc while he’s talking he can barley look at her in the eyes, and for Jass she’s hurt also but i respect her for not playing the “blame game” she’s taking everything he’s saying in and being very understanding. This is good bc it’s showing that you guys are maturing and in the end this is probably what you guys needed!! 💕 Still gonna support you guys whether you’re together or with others!

  • PrettyTequila
    PrettyTequila 1 months ago+36

    Tay is very different. he’s battling demons. you can hear that pain in his voice & even see it in his eyes. he’s always been so goofy & outgoing, as long as i’ve been subscribed, he’s never been this calm. I can see that they are both in completely different places mentally & emotionally. Tay has grown so much since the breakup but he needs somebody that can truly relate & understand him. Tay is need of somebody that can be consistent & reassuring. Jas has grown as well, she’s grown to be an amazing mother & she’s growing to be an amazing women but her & Tay are no longer fit for one another. Go to church Tay, let God fight that battle for you, with him you’ll always win.

  • Ghabriella Wright
    Ghabriella Wright 1 months ago+28

    Tay changed up a lot. Got skinny, more tats, hair different. He hurting in a different way.

  • Amiya Tamia
    Amiya Tamia 1 months ago+27

    Wow jass really love that boy you can see it just by how she’s looking at him🤧

  • Trezzz Martin
    Trezzz Martin 1 months ago+31

    I can tell they miss eachother. Jass looks sad but looks like she isn't trying to show it. Tay couldn't look her in her face so you can tell he hurt. It broke my heart when Tay said YouTube isn't his thing anymore. I can tell he's going through alot. He used to be so goofy in his videos but he didn't seem in the mood on this one. I hope you guys do get to work on the relationship. I loved y'all together. It breaks my heart to see y'all apart😞

  • Loyal 2 The Royal
    Loyal 2 The Royal 1 months ago+35

    So basically what I got from this Jass tend to overreact in situations because we as females are more emotional and Tay didn’t react or give her the response she was looking for. On the flip side Tay was going through a lot of things behind the scenes and wanted more affection from Jass but he wasn’t communicating effectively. Well, all and all Jass needs to work on not overreacting and Tay needs to work on communication.

  • india Passion
    india Passion 1 months ago+26

    No woman wants to hear from no man or supposedly a man I’m the blame for why our relationship failed because he steady blaming her more than he’s blaming his self and that right there is not a man

  • Marquesha Fultcher
    Marquesha Fultcher 1 months ago+40

    Seem like he wanna cry .. 😩 he holding it in

  • Maria Kaba
    Maria Kaba 1 months ago+41

    She look like she still in love 🥺

  • ChelseaRene J
    ChelseaRene J 1 months ago+22

    Wow, this is heartbreaking. Make videos bc that’s what you wanna do. Not bc you want some type of recognition. He has a lot of growing to do. He seems selfish and she’s taking the full blame. She doesn’t deserve this. 💔

  • Federica Eneji
    Federica Eneji 1 months ago+23

    So is true when Tay’s sister said he didn’t look happy in the relationship. For Jazz please move on with your life you are young and beautiful , you don’t need a guy who only thinks about himself . Instead of him thinking for how to be a man to you and a father to your baby please with all respect grow up .

  • YrnDee
    YrnDee 1 months ago+29

    Only people that brush there teeth today can like this🤢
    I’m a small youtuber that’s trynna grow any help would be appreciated❤️