Brane Games: What Color is the Dress?

  • Published on:  3/7/2015
  • Here is the REAL answer to give to people when they ask you the question: "What color is the Dress?"New #TEEHEE app here: iPhone: Android: Channel Channel us mail or whatever you want here!PO Box 232355Las Vegas, NV 89105


  • ramen-o
    ramen-o a years ago+7115

    Brane Games 2: What Do You Hear?-Yanny or Laurel?

  • Oh yeah oh yea oh yea
    Oh yeah oh yea oh yea 2 months ago+446

    Does anyone like my unfinished pacman

  • 陳禹衡
    陳禹衡 6 months ago+612

    Man I’m in 2019
    And I still enjoy this perfect episode

  • Marcos Briggs
    Marcos Briggs 4 months ago+603

    Is it me or did anyone else actually get six😂😂

  • shivankit ss
    shivankit ss 6 months ago+403

    I watched it before my exam .. so by brain is warmed up. Hope it works out

  • Arta Osmani
    Arta Osmani 4 years ago+5731

    You NEED to make more Brane Games!!!! I bet everyone would love it!!

  • Lavi Legos
    Lavi Legos 6 months ago+225

    This is one of my favorite nigahiga videos

  • Kv Kleos
    Kv Kleos 2 months ago+103

    One of the best videos on YouTube till this day

  • IamtheGamingUnicorn
    IamtheGamingUnicorn 4 months ago+60

    what do you see on the screen?A guy that needs a bit of help

  • Fifi Felita
    Fifi Felita 2 months ago+60

    I'm dead when he played what do you see on the screen😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Caleb Lim
    Caleb Lim a years ago+1726

    Yo Ryan we need a Yanny/Laurel episode of Brane Games

  • HD Upbeat
    HD Upbeat 4 months ago+75

    This video brings me back to a much simpler time.

  • pretty pretty princess
    pretty pretty princess 2 months ago+31

    This was actually the first video I saw of him lol.
    And because of him I kept pronouncing Games
    As (Ga-me-z) Lol sometimes even today I pronounce it wrong.😹

  • EthanPlaysYT
    EthanPlaysYT 2 months ago+19

    liked when the number was at 420k

  • chrome Arome
    chrome Arome 5 months ago+29

    I see the White-and-gold image, but I still see that it’s black-and-blue.

  • Joah Macosko
    Joah Macosko 2 years ago+2379

    When you guessed that he had six fingers as your original number...

  • Tsukirairi
    Tsukirairi 3 months ago+25

    Nobody: How to annoy yourself
    Nigahiga: play brane games :)
    Who's still watching in 2019

  • Dud
    Dud 2 months ago+10

    Watching this from 2019....tbh my first answer was corrected and I freaked out...

  • Harris Fox-Robertson
    Harris Fox-Robertson 14 days ago+3

    Guy: what’s your favourite letter of the alphabet
    Most people: I dunno x maybe
    Ryan: the letter B made entirely from 90 degrees rotated unfinished drawings of pac man eating a tic tac

  • Fluid Headshot
    Fluid Headshot 2 months ago+13

    I got an ad, in the ad it said