Shadow the German Shepherd wants to join in her yoga routine

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
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    Shadow the German shepherd really wants to join in his owner's yoga routine and he will not leave her alone really funny!


  • Tec-9 holder
    Tec-9 holder 29 days ago

    Is he your personal trainer?

  • bukboy123
    bukboy123 1 months ago

    You lucky bastard!! lolz, I hope you not the owner bf , cause she hot!!

  • I'm MELVAN
    I'm MELVAN 2 months ago


  • Amin Al
    Amin Al 2 months ago+1

    kokot sexsi bideo

  • Joelkarnen AM 86
    Joelkarnen AM 86 3 months ago


  • Nuclear chemistry Ahmed

    I love this man ❤️🐕😍

  • Palitha Mapa
    Palitha Mapa 3 months ago


  • Kenneth Russll
    Kenneth Russll 3 months ago+1

    My wife and I just wanted to say Thank You

  • Kenneth Russll
    Kenneth Russll 3 months ago+1

    You bring us so much joy and enjoyment in all your videos. You deserve more respect, more views and more subscribers

  • Coffee Lover
    Coffee Lover 4 months ago

    Such a sweety boy ,i want to hug and kiss him...🐶😗😗

  • JR Swish
    JR Swish 4 months ago


  • Xephan
    Xephan 4 months ago+3

    Where have you bought all this views?

  • Alba :3
    Alba :3 4 months ago

    Algún español o latinoamericano?

  • Кучерявый Мопс

    И что это у меня в трендах делает ?

  • Ilya 1337
    Ilya 1337 4 months ago

    Пиздец зоопорно а трендах

  • Анатолий Величайший

    Что это ?

  • Юлия Атамас
    Юлия Атамас 4 months ago

    Ржачные анекдоты у меня!!! Посмотри!!! Поднимет настроение!!

  • давид wooow
    давид wooow 4 months ago

    у мен вопрос какого хуяя это делает на русском тренде

  • Уганда
    Уганда 4 months ago+1

    Че за хуйня???

  • туз муз
    туз муз 4 months ago