K.A.A.N. - Bounce Back (Prod. By Genshin)

  • Published on:  2/9/2019
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  • Rap City 5 months ago

    Who thinks K.A.A.N. is the GOAT!!

  • #Day of Memes 5 months ago

    I think he is 🐐 beacause u haven't used dots above 😂

  • Jose Olvera 5 months ago

    Me!!! he's up next

  • Ky 5 months ago


  • Jose Olvera 5 months ago

    Ky any one of y’all got the screenshot of him going trending I didn’t get to see this video trending ):

  • rgtc132 5 months ago

    Ky im so happy

  • Mr. Tattoo ASMR 5 months ago

    the underrated is now trending.

  • Music Algorithm 5 months ago

    I've waited so long! K.A.A.N deserves it!

  • Rumford Chimpenstein 5 months ago

    arguably one of KAAN's worst songs makes it to trending... i guess it's better than nothing tho, he deserves the recognition. hopefully people will check out his other work

  • Rumford Chimpenstein 4 months ago

    @Michael Horvath that's true, but you've have 2 chances to name one of those other songs, and you still haven't, why not? at least i recommended _something_

  • Michael Horvath 4 months ago

    Rumford Chimpenstein because kaancepts is one that everyone recommends when he has many other fabulous songs

  • D Hinez Media 5 months ago

    i hear a 90s r&b sample but i cant put my finger on it, anyone know which song was sampled ?

  • There’s a Fire 5 months ago

    Wait KAAN is trending now???

  • Rave Classics 5 months ago

    You need to upload EJ Mackavelli - Ski88 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Robin Mackay 5 months ago

    5 likes and I will try a really risky front-flip from my trampoline over my dog and upload it right now

  • Leighton Hornack 5 months ago

    Bruh I've been subscribed to you since before you sold your channel and got it back lmaoo whats good

  • Maya Briggs 5 months ago

    💟 *I МÀ!SТURВÀТЕ !Т0 VIDЕ!0S 0N МY СHАNNЕ!L! L0!0K!* 📕📕📕

  • Sempi Zero 5 months ago

    He's totally the most underrated rapper of all time

  • Marlon Romero 4 months ago

    @Adrian H u know whats funny? u hear Mick Jenkins name more then K.A.A.N. but thts cool

  • Adrian H 5 months ago

    Phantom Mick Jenkins

  • j s 5 months ago

    but for real though he is the 🐐 i checked out his music my head hurt 🤯 ✌