70th Emmy Awards: Backstage LIVE! with Merritt Wever

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
  • Marc Istook speaks with Merritt Wever about her win for Godless.


  • C Smith 9 months ago

    Why isn't the full video of her receiving her award available online? I've seen clips of her speech, but none of the actual announcement, reaction. Pretty much every other winner had their full video posted last night.

  • Tommy Baruno 12 days ago

    C Smith because she dropped an F bomb

  • Ivo Stoyanov 9 months ago

    Upload the video of Merritt Wever winning the Emmy!

  • Alison O'Connor 9 months ago

    She's lovely

  • Heylin C. 9 months ago

    She's the sweetest and such an amazing actress, I loved her on Nurse Jackie and that shout out to Edie Falco was great. I know anxiety is hard to handle but I wish she could see how amazing she is, two time Emmy winner that's huge, there's nothing to be afraid of, she's someone other actors should look up to.

  • Roz Smith 9 months ago

    Heylin C. I 1000 per agree you !

  • Ivo Stoyanov 9 months ago

    She is an incredible actress, she must be more confident!

  • Cris Cristi 9 months ago

    I love Merritt Wever

  • Kev 9 months ago

    She’s just fabulous, love her

  • The Winspear 9 months ago

    Well done only the best.

  • Jay Jay 9 months ago

    How lovely. I've lost track of all the episodes of Nurse Jackie due to British coverage but Merritt as Zoey was my favourite character. She played the part brilliantly. I hadn't realised she had already won one Emmy. Hats off to her and let's hope an Oscar will be next.

  • Roz Smith 9 months ago

    Longtime fan of Merritt’s...so so proud of her!