Vector: Anki’s tiny robot that wants to hang

  • Published on:  8/8/2018
  • Anki launched a Kickstarter for Vector, a new ‘home robot’ that looks a lot like their last product, Cozmo. Vector is always-on and a lot more powerful. It basically has the guts of a smartphone including a faster processor and Wi-Fi. In the season finale of Processor, Dieter visits Anki’s office to talk to the people that made Vector. Enjoy, and see you again in September!Subscribe: The Verge on Facebook: on Twitter: on Instagram: More: http://www.theverge.comCommunity guidelines: to Verge Science on YouTube, a new home base for our explorations into the future of science:


  • The Verge
    The Verge  a years ago+404

    What would you want Vector to do?

  • Mike Devey
    Mike Devey a years ago+1160

    That's the cutest CIA agent i've seen so far

  • Vedraj r.m
    Vedraj r.m a years ago+608

    It's worth for the petting feature alone

  • Sanket Saxena
    Sanket Saxena 11 months ago+41

    "Hey Vector, pass the butter"
    Vector : "NO"

  • Michael McFarland
    Michael McFarland a years ago+58

    Just need to merge this personality with Boston dynamics dog and we will have a robot that can bring us a beer

  • 00000
    00000 a years ago+403

    You pass butter

  • AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke
    AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke a years ago+371

    It all seems proof of concept... leading up to something much bigger/better down the road

  • The Glow Stick Guy
    The Glow Stick Guy a years ago+77

    I can already see myself making him a transport system around my house made out of hot wheels tracks and parts. Maybe a cube city out of Legos. lol.

  • dank88mm
    dank88mm 10 months ago+28

    "Personality may go a long way, but is that really enough reason to buy a home robot"
    Yes Yes it is

  • Alex Perrin
    Alex Perrin 11 months ago+41

    I think, at this point , Vector is actually a form of life and intelligence. He tries to protect himself and always get powered, to stay on , to stay active and alive. He kind of thinks and behave in response of the surrounding like a living thing would do

  • dvstokyo
    dvstokyo a years ago+420

    Wall E and EVA son

  • MachoCat
    MachoCat a years ago+49

    I would never be bored, but when he's charging, I'll be slowly dying on the inside without him here with me until he ominously wakes up after what would've felt like decades of everlasting loneliness in the wallowing abyss of dilapidating sanity- OH Well would you look at that, he's charged!

  • Joe Nicholls
    Joe Nicholls a years ago+44

    As a second-year computer science major, this is the exact kind of company that I want to eventually work for. Super fascinating stuff.

    WINTERMUTE a years ago+83

    Amazing! does it come with an NSA backdoor or will that be added later?

  • Prathamesh Rivonkar
    Prathamesh Rivonkar a years ago+85

    Okay tell me a good reason to buy this.
    I need to tell my dad.

  • WuzNab
    WuzNab 11 months ago+22

    looking around all the time
    connected to wifi
    rules of agreement

  • Altair
    Altair a years ago+56

    if it can recognize faces and has camera why not add feature like guarding the house if someone broke in take snapshot send it via internet to the owner just like new cctv cams.

  • Soul Gear Universe
    Soul Gear Universe a years ago+19

    Can we mention that it doesnt poop?

  • Retrovibes
    Retrovibes 11 months ago+32

    Every single robot video on Youtube has someone talking about "Skynet" and our "future robot overlords". Does this look like a Terminator to you? Clearly most people don't know how primitive our artificial intelligence is, even calling it "intelligence" is kind of a stretch. Don't worry, robots aren't taking over anytime soon.

  • James Abrams
    James Abrams a years ago+16

    Can Vectro play with Cosmo