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  • authorblues
    authorblues 8 months ago+4398

    6:55 First letter of objects on table (Scissors, Piano, Apple, Dice, Elephant) spell SPADE
    9:26 First word of each clue, SEA EL EWE BEA (CLUB phonetically)
    11:14 Lowercase letters read in order spell HEART

  • eon star
    eon star 8 months ago+2876

    Imagine trying to play scrabble against this guy...

  • Louis Cashatt
    Louis Cashatt 8 months ago+1881

    This guy must have such a large vocabulary

  • Vikas Patil
    Vikas Patil 8 months ago+1172

    Am I the only idiot who didn't notice any of those changes throughout the video?

  • 345 wer
    345 wer 8 months ago+2146

    CLUB - 9:27 Sea, El, Ewe, Bea (are pronounced like C L U B)
    SPADE - 8:37 Scissor, Piano, Apple, Dies, Elephant. (First letter in each)
    HEART - 11:15 (h, e, a, r, and t are the only lowercase letters in the grid)
    DIAMOND - The pin on his chest (his right side, our left side) is changing letter throughout the video, spelling out D I A M O N D
    Edit: the letters spelling out Diamond are not in order. To get them in the right sequence you need to look at the color of his shirt. The letters are then placed in order of the color of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, violet)

  • Nate and Noah Try Life
    Nate and Noah Try Life 8 months ago+2456

    cru·​ci·​ver·​bal·​ist (noun)- the most unnecessary but awesome word I have heard in a while

  • mattalgrand
    mattalgrand 8 months ago+1408

    I feel dumber than ever.

  • Nick S
    Nick S 8 months ago+235

    Actually quite fascinating the thought that goes into creating every puzzle. Well explained!

  • Al Elvidge
    Al Elvidge 8 months ago+658

    the first letter of each item on the table - scissors; piano; apple; dice; elephant - spells SPADE

  • KL Cassidy
    KL Cassidy 8 months ago+1354

    My life is complicated and confusing enough as it is, I don't need a puzzle adding to it.

  • Vang574
    Vang574 8 months ago+368

    Yeahhhh... Ima just wait for other people to solve it. LOL...

  • XenonTM
    XenonTM 8 months ago+279

    things on the table 5:50

    At 9:27
    the clues start with SEA(C), EL(L), EWE(U), BEA(B) . Spells CLUB

    At 11:15
    Simple letter from left to right starting from the top
    spells heart

  • CGI: Certainly Gruesome Imagery

    So I was a little bit confused when he mentioned seemingly random rules like "must have rotational symmetry" or "each letter has to be accessible across and down"... until he mentioned this is a New York Times Crossword Puzzle. I've been doing European-style ones like Bumper Big Crosswords (UK) my whole life and I don't remember such patterns. Also, hiding themed words inside other words? And clumping two words (that should be spelled with a space in between) together, like marqueename or zacefron is okay? Or that the daily crosswords get progressively harder as the week goes by? Huh. The more you know. Is this just the NY Times cruciverbal "house style", or is this how most American crossword puzzles look like? Not having a go, honestly curious

  • Aaron Holmberg
    Aaron Holmberg 8 months ago+141

    11:14 lowercase letters left to right spells out h-e-a-r-t

  • Baffled BumbleBee
    Baffled BumbleBee 8 months ago+79

    The pheonetic pronuciations of the first words of each clue that he wrote down would spell out CLUB - sea (C), El (L), ewe (U), Bea (B)

  • Teague Chrystie
    Teague Chrystie 8 months ago+103

    Fun fact: Crossword puzzles didn't exist [as an institution] until the aftermath of the telegraph, once the price of sending information long distances dropped and average people began cultivating new intellectual habits they didn't technically have any reason to cultivate. See also: recreational quizzes. (Read "Amusing Ourselves To Death," it's a fantastic book.) (If nothing else, read the chapter entitled "The Peek-A-Boo World.")

  • Star Petal Arts
    Star Petal Arts 7 months ago+12

    So the guy making the crossword looks up the answers on Google as well? Good to know.

  • deadmeh
    deadmeh 8 months ago+180

    I think the real puzzle here is writing some software to replace him.

  • Stein Gauslaa Strindhaug
    Stein Gauslaa Strindhaug 8 months ago+11

    Is those "rules" an American thing, or just a New York Times thing?
    In Norway most crosswords are asymmetric and has plenty of two letter words. Even one letter words are not uncommon, though though those are pretty simple because it can only be 'i' (Norwegian for "in"), 'å' (Norwegian for either the infinitive marker or a rare word for 'river') or 'ø' (archaic Norwegian/Danish for 'island'; usually spelled 'øy' today).

  • James Tran
    James Tran 8 months ago+52

    For some reason I read this as: “Pizza Experts Explains How a Crossword Puzzle Is Made”
    And thought the thumbnail was all pizza boxes.