Matt Stonie vs The 26" Pizza

  • Published on:  6/14/2016
  • Good Video? Like/Fav & Share!!In partnership with Tide, check out this link to watch me take the Tide Pod Challenge!A 26 Inch pizza. 530 Cubic Feet of Cheese, Pepperoni, Sausage, Mushrooms, Olives, Peppers, Onions, Pizza Sauce, and Dough. Not the biggest Pizza on the planet, but is good enough for lunch..ENJOY!!!Facebook - - @mattstonieInstagram - Store - BOX!! Send me stuff!!!P.O. Box 22210San Jose, CA 95151


  • Retro Robbie
    Retro Robbie 3 years ago+1761

    just aint the same without that morgan laugh

  • Brett Sanchez
    Brett Sanchez a years ago+798

    two years later and the tide pod challenge means something completely different

  • Jason Jones
    Jason Jones a years ago+468

    the fucked up thing is, I was watching fitness vids and this was on the auto select and it brought me here...
    Jesus, the universe is against me having abs!!!

  • Christopher Blanco
    Christopher Blanco a years ago+224

    Matt the type to eat a 26' pizza and forget to offer his date a slice

  • Alex8ch
    Alex8ch 2 years ago+256

    enjoy your most delicious moments

  • SportGamingComputing
    SportGamingComputing 2 years ago+3548

    Warning : Do not watch this if u're hungry af & there's nothin left to eat in ur house

  • Cartoon High
    Cartoon High 21 days ago+24

    “Hopefully their taste in pizza is better than their taste in design.”
    Damn Matt, they’re doing their best.

  • Brian Scalabrine
    Brian Scalabrine 28 days ago+53

    Cashier: Jeez I wonder who would eat a 26 inch pizza
    Supervisor: Either 6 people or one hungry man.
    Cashier: But who could be that hungry
    Matt: "Is my pizza done yet"?

  • The Notorious PDV3
    The Notorious PDV3 a years ago+60

    The tide pod challenge is completely different today

    AWESOME FACE a years ago+121

    Was the pizza BONELESS

  • Russel Golovatyy
    Russel Golovatyy 3 years ago+1868

    Damn Morgan's voice really changed

  • J
    J 11 months ago+32

    Me: I've been working for too long, I need a lunch break.
    Matt: I've been working for too long, I need a jaw break.

  • Victoria Spice
    Victoria Spice a years ago+102

    Why? We're we even making Tide Pods jokes way back in 2016??
    And the video is down now and was apparently sponsored by Tide??
    What happened there??

  • XD
    XD a years ago+22

    The tide pod challenge has taken on a new meaning

  • Gentik
    Gentik a years ago+62

    2018 and tide pod has a whole different meaning now

  • Dylan Halloran
    Dylan Halloran 7 days ago+4

    All you can eat buffet: exists
    Matt Stonie walks in
    All you can eat buffet "hahaha im in danger"

  • Ben Eichhorn
    Ben Eichhorn 3 months ago+20

    "T'was no man, but a remorseless eating machine. Arrr...."
    "T'was a moonless night, dark as pitch, when out of the mist came a beast more stomach than man."

  • Devon Pilgrim
    Devon Pilgrim a years ago+27

    "Tide pod challenge" means a lot differently nowadays

  • DaGamer YouTube
    DaGamer YouTube 28 days ago+9

    C’mon man why do I always get his videos recommended at 2am. And this ones pizza. One of my favorite foods

  • Izura Heman
    Izura Heman 3 years ago+2453

    I challenge you to eat a burger only 1 burger