kermit stepped in oil paint

  • Published on:  9/13/2018
  • vlog by julien


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  • Abbie S
    Abbie S yesterday

    Kermit always gets into everything I love it

  • Gamer Kid
    Gamer Kid yesterday

    Why couldn’t it be another dog but nooo it’s always always Kermit

  • Pamy
    Pamy yesterday

    Kermit looks like Sid from Ice Age :DDD 3:33

  • HydroxylDoexy
    HydroxylDoexy yesterday

    Do nawt let yer cermet step in oil paint, oil pant bad for cermet. Your cermet will not *grow*

  • *Maddie lol*
    *Maddie lol* yesterday+2

    why is it Kermit that almost dies and people still be calling marble the dead one like wth?😭😂

  • Jay Moon
    Jay Moon 2 days ago

    Jenna seems like genuinely concerned about the fact that Cermit has oil paint in his paw and that’s the funniest and cutest goddamn thing I’ve ever seen

  • What’s my name again

    *why is it always you?*

  • Dan Howard
    Dan Howard 2 days ago

    Cermit in the thumb nail has claws Jesus, but what can you do? It’s just Kermit. Just Kermit.

  • summerm15
    summerm15 3 days ago

    *OuR cAt NaMeD kErMiT*

  • Electro Cat
    Electro Cat 3 days ago+1

    Kermit got stung by a bee
    Kermit got bit by a spider
    Kermit fell in the pool
    Kermit broke his tail
    Kermit steps in oil paint
    *What's next?*

  • hunye
    hunye 3 days ago

    why does cement have to be so difficult

  • Morg W
    Morg W 3 days ago

    sooo she just went through all of tat and didnt even bother to put away the paint? lol wtf

  • Mami Devil
    Mami Devil 3 days ago

    In a different note, Jenna's painting is amazing!!

  • Mami Devil
    Mami Devil 3 days ago

    Nasty boi

  • emory lowe
    emory lowe 4 days ago

    oil and water don’t mix use oils then dawn soap

  • Pixi The Moon Cat
    Pixi The Moon Cat 4 days ago

    Is Dawn sooooaaaappp

  • ROSY
    ROSY 4 days ago

    these kermit comments are killing me😂

  • Oziris Allen
    Oziris Allen 4 days ago

    Lmao why is it always Kermit ? 😂😂

  • LeeAnna Sykes
    LeeAnna Sykes 5 days ago

    Oh, Kermit. Classic.

  • Bull 101
    Bull 101 5 days ago

    Use acetone paint removal NOT MAKE HIM LICK IT