The same video one year later

  • Published on:  7/2/2019
  • Here are some other things I learned this year on youtube but forgot to mention in the video:1. People will get offended if you so much as breath in their direction2. Filming on a phone is the bane of my existence3. The beauty community is the bane of my existence4. iMovie is the bane of my existence (but I use it anyways)5. No matter how good you think you are, your first videos are always bad...I'm bAD, I'M REALLY REALLY BAD- sorry, I just couldn't stop myself. Actually, a video of Billie Eilish covering that song popped into my recommended the other day and all I have to say is if you think the cover was better than the original: congratulations, you have one brain cell.Anyways lads, that's it. That's the whole video. I hope you enjoyed it and I'll see you next week.Instagram: Box: Now closedIf you want to translate the video: sub count: 2, 365, 969With love,Jolly Carton


  • Amali Morgan
    Amali Morgan  1 months ago+1391

    One year gone
    2,000,000+ subs
    Hair 7“ shorter
    The same tiny microphone

  • Anjali Luckhoo
    Anjali Luckhoo 21 days ago+4947

    The difference between Joana and literally everyone else is that she's actually talented and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Thank you for being the inspiration that we sleep deprived, dehydrated Gen Z-ers need.

  • RocAce
    RocAce 28 days ago+3306

    You should make this an annual thing. Every July 2nd you paint that same picture and chat about the last year

  • AudreyTherese
    AudreyTherese 1 months ago+3735

    Joanna: Having a deep conversation (with the camera)
    Also Joanna: A potato bug, time to quarantine
    Edit: i finally googled what they look like and now i understand the replies.

  • Yazoia alkaabi
    Yazoia alkaabi 1 months ago+1389

    She is the only youtuber that I never skip a second.

  • Anamika Prince
    Anamika Prince 1 months ago+3119

    Imagine: Joana like 30 years later, gray hair, in a lab coat with her iconic pink glasses. Doing a TeD tAlK with her mini microphone
    Edit: mom I’m famous
    This is really random but I’d pay to see that

  • Dust
    Dust 1 months ago+980

    Can't be called four eyes if there's two pairs of glasses on.

  • Taylor B
    Taylor B 14 days ago+357

    Anybody watching this after Joana has become Madonna????

  • Shahad Almousawi
    Shahad Almousawi  1 months ago+790

    Joanna: uses some great, difficult vocabulary
    Me: tries to figure out what the first half of the first word means

  • NamiiCho
    NamiiCho 14 days ago+413

    This is such an interesting podcast i love it pls more impromptu style talks joana !!! I’m always so shocked with the mini mic quality 🤣

  • red
    red 1 months ago+1641

    next video: trying to paint a bob ross tutorial on my wall

  • No No
    No No 7 days ago+86

    You remind me so much of Cristine from Simplynailogical, it's insane. You are both weirdos on Youtube, but actually really serious when it comes to work and education, you are both talented, funny and smart. And Canadian.
    I would really love a collab.

  • Alyssa Nichole Neal
    Alyssa Nichole Neal 1 months ago+355

    “oh my god there’s a potato bug, time to quarantine.” 😂😂😂😂

  • Jade Prince
    Jade Prince 1 months ago+257

    Are we going to ignore how bomb this video is...
    Her voice: loving it
    Her painting: Loving it!
    This video: LOVING ITTTT

  • Klastube Playz
    Klastube Playz 14 days ago+153

    I love how she just casually calls out logan 😂

  • Ryan Freeman
    Ryan Freeman 1 months ago+1633

    We saw a lot more of 'real' and serious joana in this video and im here for it

  • Shivon Leigh
    Shivon Leigh 21 days ago +250

    Why do i find your videos very.... informative. I don't know how to explain it. You describe things or situation perfectly. I feel like you're a talking book?? Your vocabularies are broad??? Even if your videos are under a pun, it still makes sense????

  • XxEmii
    XxEmii 1 months ago+358

    2018: Screeching
    2019: A S M R

  • Vanessa C
    Vanessa C 7 days ago+62

    Joana: deep conversation about content
    clip switches
    Joana: I just had an allergic reaction and painted my nAiLz

  • ariii.baybeee
    ariii.baybeee 1 months ago+128

    please pleaseeee can you do a podcast of just your thoughts cuz whoa