Lemonade Stand on the Interstate

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
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  • Vlog Creations
    Vlog Creations  11 months ago+1369

    0:09 lemonade
    1:47 fishing for compliments about my hair cut
    6:02 Gus shows up
    8:42 dangerous board walk
    8:52 trying to catch bullfrog

  • wat1243
    wat1243 11 months ago+849

    Putting Lemonade stands in peoples pockets

  • Levente Donati
    Levente Donati 11 months ago+301

    He looks a little like Paul walker

  • Owen Hathaway
    Owen Hathaway 11 months ago+346

    Ross you should go up to people and say "you can't do that here" when there not doing any thing wrong

  • Vitality Massage
    Vitality Massage 9 months ago+355

    I'm enjoying this video SO much that I intentionally watched a commercial so that Ross would make more money.

  • Travis H
    Travis H 11 months ago+202

    It’s hilarious when cole asks for samples and just runs away

  • Im Dronn
    Im Dronn 11 months ago+1233

    Put your phone in other peoples pockets but have a really embarrassing ringtone on it and then call it.
    Like so he can see this if its a good idea.
    Edit: wow 89 likes, thanks so much
    Edit 2: 164 likes! Thats the most i ever got thanks so much. Hopefully he sees this

  • Veronica Camp
    Veronica Camp 11 months ago+62

    This is the only good vlogging channel tbh

  • Turbo Kong
    Turbo Kong 11 months ago+107

    cole always seems so kind hearted and wholesome. Whenever cole makes an appearance it does my heart good

  • lethargicboi
    lethargicboi 11 months ago+80

    Sneaking coupons for lemonades from your lemonade stand into people's pockets

  • Pooping Turtles
    Pooping Turtles 9 months ago+74

    I like Cole hella for some reason. You think he's just talking nonsense at first but if you really listen he kinda just intuitive af.

  • Macy A
    Macy A 11 months ago+1329

    Sure would be a shame

  • Precision Gaming and Media

    I'm reporting your lemonade stand to the IRS.

  • Bryce Czirr
    Bryce Czirr 8 months ago+10

    6:05 - "you're good, back on up" "chair explodes" 😆

  • Blackcoolgamer 12504
    Blackcoolgamer 12504 11 months ago+37

    Putting homework in people’s pockets.

  • far above
    far above 11 months ago+79

    5:58 she was showing off her body haha

  • SoUp
    SoUp 11 months ago+633

    When life gives you lemons, put them in people's pockets.

  • Xavier Valdez
    Xavier Valdez 11 months ago+31

    Please do more of cole running away after receiving samples

  • the dude
    the dude 11 months ago+56

    cole askin for a sample then running away is so damn funny

  • MrWakensurf
    MrWakensurf 11 months ago+20

    Cole “stealing” the sample was GOLD 😂