Nicki Minaj - Barbie Dreams

  • Published on:  9/10/2018
  • Barbie Dreams (Official Video)Stream / Download Album “Queen” Here: with Nicki: Director: Hype WilliamsVideo Producers: Hype Williams & Keith BrownVideo Editor: Eric Hughesfor HW WorldwideMusic video by Nicki Minaj performing Barbie Dreams. © 2018 Young Money/Cash Money Records


  • Ø 5 months ago

    Nicki Minaj - LikeCardi B - Reply

  • Stanquan Harriday 2 hours ago


  • jamjam trash 6 hours ago


  • Sigrid Manoufar 1 months ago

    She dissed every single singer that has ever existed 💀 i love her sfm😂

  • Kayla Gacha 2 days ago

    @Nick Hill Yes she did

  • Angela Batlome 25 days ago

    Producer : how many wigs do you want in the video Nicki : yes

  • and I love your muisc too

  • Hailey Fielding 18 days ago

    That DJ Kaled line has to be my favorite 😹😹😹😹

  • GrumpyFinch 6 hours ago

    @- s a r a h b - this bitch can't read!

  • Baddie 14 hours ago

    GrumpyFinch ok but she’s saying that’s the dj kahlid line and it’s not soooo....

  • mine sof 1 months ago

    The end is so underrated and is the best

  • Queen Nijah 3 days ago

    That’s my favorite part I only came to hear that part actually

  • Didas Interior 3 days ago


  • Sssquxn12 3 1 months ago

    To people that say like for nicki comment for cardi JUST STOP

  • Orlane King James 5 hours ago

    @NiqueBeGaming _ AW MA GAD girl you need some help. Hope that you black cause you just said nigga so...🤨. Yeah whatever you got my other BARBZ up here in this commentary section, so I ain't going to be arguing with you cause I got my bad bitches who know who the REAL DEAL IS 😁👑💪🏾🔥. Cardi B the Queen yeah yeah #BestJokeOfTheYear🤣. Kiss gyal😘

  • NiqueBeGaming _ 5 hours ago

    @Orlane King James 1. Bitch stfu 2. Cyc3. Get yo stank ass of yt cuz u rlly don't got a life.4. So wht... idc if her attitude affected me 5. I'm not tryna cause beef6. Nicki is not a queen anymore Cardi is and if you really researched bfore saying shit you would've known 7. They already said Cardi is Queen8. "I love Nicki but i listen to Cardi" what celeb said tht hmmm?9. Cardi be talkin real shit10. Cardi got more bars than nicki11. In an article that i read it said "Nicki migh...

  • Marissa L 13 days ago

    I miss Nicki...currently watching all her videos 🥺

  • Orlane King James 7 hours ago

    @Bad Guy She is still there, she is still the same. People are just boycotting and discrediting her. Them fucking labels and rappers are trying to ruin her career at all cost😤🤬. I'm giving you an example, emotional Nicki's songs are so underrated as hell ! Songs like Nicki Minaj - YMCMB music video with All Things Go, The Crying Game, I Lied and Grand Piano ; Regret In Your Tears ; Right Thru Me ; Your Love ; Save Me ; Freedom etc. These songs have the same similarity, Nicki pours out her heart in it s...

  • Bad Guy 2 days ago

    I missed the old nicki

  • malcolm King 15 days ago

    Come on Nicki Kingdom let's stream Barbie dreams to 100 million

  • Destiny Stacey 1 months ago

    I mean cardi b good but NICKI ALWAYS THE QUEENEdited:OMG 102 likes the most i ever had

  • Destiny Stacey 11 hours ago

    @Aluuvian Illandomain Amen ♥️

  • @shakira martina The fuck you talking about. Nicki IS QUEEN of RAP. Beyonce ain't shit, not even peasant. Troll

  • Lalaland Joseph 3 months ago

    I swear she really suits every single hair color ...she so pretty😍😍😍

  • Ticci Zoe 1 months ago

    She’s he best with her