The Rise Of Skywalker Trailer 2 HUGE News Revealed! (Star Wars Episode 9 Trailer)

  • Published on:  7/11/2019
  • Since the release of the star wars the rise of skywalker teaser back in april many fans have been excited for the upcoming star wars the rise of skywalker trailer 2 due for release on august 24th!. We will be going over new details of the upcoming star wars the rise of skywalker teaser trailer 2 since the new star wars the rise of skywalker teaser 2 is said to have new looks at luke skywalker, kylo ren, rey and even a tease of palpatine himself. The upcoming star wars episode 9 trailer 2 is also said to be far darker than the last one. WATCH MY LAST VIDEO (THE RISE OF SKYWALKER DARTH MAUL SCENE SPOILERS! WARNING - STAR WARS EPISODE 9) Subscribe Today! I thank You for the kind support.LIKE the Official Mike Zeroh Facebook page below Official Mike Zeroh Twitter Intro Designed by MUSIC BY filmed in the outro by in the outro is by Benn Down The Divider (Reprise) from his Zombies III Album.


    MIKE ZEROH  1 months ago+11


  • Ziggy P
    Ziggy P 1 months ago+11

    If we will have a movie darker than revenge of the sith i hope we will have something darker than the younglings

  • Endoe Kronic
    Endoe Kronic 1 months ago+16

    Why can't HACKERs just Hack a better Script into J.J. Abrams computer!!!!

  • TrueKoalaKnight
    TrueKoalaKnight 1 months ago+15

    Questionable decisions is par for course with Disney Lucasfilm.

  • Cajn Jamion
    Cajn Jamion 1 months ago+2

    "Oh this seems like a nice video..."
    clicks oh my headphones have been imploded

  • xXdrake_oneXx
    xXdrake_oneXx 1 months ago+6

    Release date for Trailer 2

  • Gary Ormond
    Gary Ormond 1 months ago+16

    The thing I actually find the most intriguing is Kylo and Rey hold "each others lightsabers"! If I heard you right, Kylo will have the blue saber and Rey the red cross-guard saber....enter Palpatine dialogue. Does that mean that they are teasing that Rey will turn evil and Kylo good? That would be one hell of a plot twist!

  • Bombproofbutter
    Bombproofbutter 1 months ago+2

    If you think these movies aren’t cash grabs and they are better than what George Lucas did YOU ARENT A STAR WARS FAN! 🤷🏾‍♂️🙌

  • Trevor Haslett
    Trevor Haslett 1 months ago+2

    I think the flash fight sequences could be very well executed and feel right if done the right way. Super stoked!

  • Luca Rabs 123
    Luca Rabs 123 1 months ago+10

    When is this trailer being released

  • Dan 23
    Dan 23 1 months ago+13

    In response to Disney making the movie darker.
    Disney hand a choice to go with an Ending for rogue one where some survive in some way but thay choose the ending where everyone dies. The people who made the movie thought Disney wouldn't go with the ending where everyone dies but they did.

  • Sunrise Alex
    Sunrise Alex 1 months ago+4

    MIKE: what do you think of the recent Sith Troopers that were revealed yesterday? :D

  • Dr. Know
    Dr. Know 1 months ago+4


  • Xd fiendish
    Xd fiendish 1 months ago+11

    Who ARE these people? I have no interest in these cardboard cut outs. Instead of ticking woke boxes maybe Kennedy, Abrams etc could have put some thought know, their actual personalities.

  • JackBhoy
    JackBhoy 1 months ago+10

    Or why dont lucas make up that luke projected himself in two places at once and never died. His arc was so bullshit. Dies in his first film appearance in 30 years

  • Dr. Know
    Dr. Know 1 months ago+13

    Darker than ROTS? Disney won’t allow.

  • Tigerblaze Productions
    Tigerblaze Productions 1 months ago+5

    There is no way this movie can be darker than episode but this movie CAN easily be the darkest of the sequel trilogy. The description of this trailer sounds great Mike! The description of Rey and Kylo stopping to look up makes me think they are sensing the dark acklocite and his presence.

  • Theresa May
    Theresa May 1 months ago+1

    Pls pls pls pls pls i wanna see palpayine use his lighsaber

  • Ean Schweitzberger
    Ean Schweitzberger 1 months ago+2

    Your doing a lot better on your videos

  • obiskystar anikin
    obiskystar anikin 1 months ago+6

    I think the Battle of Endor might have been an even larger plan made by Palpatine.