Know Your Bro with the Jonas Brothers

  • Published on:  6/12/2019
  • Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas take turns putting on noise-cancelling headphones while Jimmy asks the brothers questions about each other and challenges them to match each other's answers.Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Weeknights 11:35/10:35cGet more Jimmy Fallon: Follow Jimmy: Jimmy: more The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Follow The Tonight Show: The Tonight Show: Tonight Show Tumblr: more NBC: NBC YouTube: NBC: NBC: Tumblr: Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon features hilarious highlights from the show including: comedy sketches, music parodies, celebrity interviews, ridiculous games, and, of course, Jimmy's Thank You Notes and hashtags! You'll also find behind the scenes videos and other great web exclusives.Know Your Bro with the Jonas Brothers


  • Ehena Choudhary
    Ehena Choudhary 1 months ago+3630

    Kevin's outfit is a cross over of Joe and Nick's outfits

  • idk haha
    idk haha 2 months ago+2516

    Nick: PINK!
    Joe: NO! BROWN!
    Kevin: yes

  • The Sweet Forever
    The Sweet Forever 1 months ago+3185

    Nick is the high maintenance one of the group 😂
    Kevin is calm, mature, and relaxed 😌
    Joe is down for whatever 😂🤷🏾‍♀️🥵

  • Bazinga !!!
    Bazinga !!! 2 months ago+2776

    We need a show called "Keeping up with the Jonases " I would watch that.

  • ramon x
    ramon x 2 months ago+4165

    "watch the show" joe's quick wit is my favourite.

  • Joon Light
    Joon Light 2 months ago+8979

    Joe:I don't like pink.
    Kevin:As the oldest brother, I will make peace as always.

  • Alona Steele
    Alona Steele 2 months ago+2751

    Jimmy: What was the wildest thing that happened at Joe's bachelor party?
    Nick: nervously laughing
    Jimmy: What was the wildest thing that happened at Joe's bachelor party?
    Joe: nervously laughing

  • Kay cass
    Kay cass 2 months ago+1084

    They dead just straight up exposed Kevin😂😂

  • faawawa A
    faawawa A 2 months ago+831

    Nick: i wanna wear PINK!
    Joe: i wanna wear BROWN!
    stylist: but you wont match
    Kevin: its ok, i’ll wear pink and brown

  • its me
    its me 2 months ago+1072

    nick was saying so proudly "i performed at white house"
    and his brothers messed with him so funny

  • Ahmed Bro
    Ahmed Bro 2 months ago+805

    "that's exactly what he said"
    "Really!? "

  • Amelia Spingola
    Amelia Spingola 1 months ago+539

    Is anyone else extremely curious on what song they were listening to??

  • Kate H
    Kate H 2 months ago+7927

    I love that Nick went from “We got the police called on us” to “He wore a cardboard bandanna” like the deescalation 😂

  • Noemi Noyola
    Noemi Noyola 1 months ago+313

    I just realized that Kevin could be one of the 4.5 Million views of this clip 😂😂

  • Heyzel Abigail
    Heyzel Abigail 2 months ago+567

    I am LIVING for Kevin in the middle.

  • PlainMorbitTV
    PlainMorbitTV 2 months ago+225

    And I thought Kevin was the “innocent one”🤣🤣

  • Rachel Jenkins
    Rachel Jenkins 1 months ago+293

    "What was the wildest thing that Joe did at his bachelor party?"
    All three of the Jonas brothers just laugh evilly.

  • Bella Kok
    Bella Kok 2 months ago+576

    They missed the perfect opportunity to have the title of this video be “Know your Bro with the Jo Bros.”

  • Mystic BlueGem
    Mystic BlueGem 7 days ago+44

    I love how two of the brothers are exposing the third one while the third one is just-
    *shakes head to the music oblivious of the damage being done*

  • Stefka Vasileva
    Stefka Vasileva 1 months ago+186

    Jimmy : What is the wildest thing that happened on Joe's bachelor party
    Joe : hah... Okay