ASMR x RENAULT ZOE | A relaxing electric vehicle experience

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
  • ASMR Zeitgeist partners with RENAULT ZOE to bring you a deeply relaxing electric vehicle experience! Driving with this car is really quiet and peaceful, it calms you down immediately. Lean back, relax and enjoy the ride! Watch this #ASMR video for deep relaxation, healthy sleep and of course nice tingles.Listen with headphones or earbuds to fully enjoy the binaural 3D sound.If you want to know more about the Renault ZOE make sure to check out their social media:Facebook : : : sound was created in collaboration with KOUZ, award-winning sound design and music house in Paris. Thank you so much!This video is sponsored by Renault #ad#werbung___________ YOU LIKE THIS CHANNEL? SHOW SOME LOVE: Patreon: PayPal: Your support allows me not only to improve the quality of my content, but the quality of YOUR experience! _______________ LET'S GET IN TOUCH: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Email: _______________ CHECK OUT MY MERCH: MY OTHER VIDEOS: MY PLAYLISTS: ASMR ZEITGEIST IN YOUR NATIVE LANGUAGE: Feel free to contribute translations of titles and descriptions as well as subtitles in your native language for my videos. Your help is highly appreciated!Here's the list of the videos for which you can add translations: THANK YOU SO MUCH SWEET INSOMNIACS! C U SOON! :) HUGS, ASMR ZEITGEIST


  • Guillermo Alvarez 9 months ago

    ASMR2015: Tapping Hands 2016: Tapping Slimes2017: Tapping 3DIO Mic2018: Tapping Electric Renault car2019: Tapping Private Jet2020: Tapping Big Transatlantic Cruise2021: Tapping NASA RocketAudience is turning difficult to reach this days.

  • Guizinho 1 months ago

    Guillermo Alvarez mano se é br ?

  • k. c. Crazy 1 months ago

    Sometime: tapping from the other world when you are a Ghost Or: tapping from God himself :)

  • ASMRSurge 9 months ago

    I've tried to make a video with my car 4 times already and every time I failed, so I can only imagine how much work you had to put in order to get this project done. Everything is spot-on. Excellent job!

  • Orksom 4 months ago

    Well Renault is behind and I'm pretty sure they've done all the job, but it could be as well if that wasn't ASMR zeitgeist 😉

  • Bling Lee 4 months ago

    Omg.both r my favourite Asmr. Asmrsurge and zeitgeist

  • Kairal Johnson 8 months ago

    I love falling asleep to the sounds of capitalism

  • Depressed Acorns 2 months ago

    IDI NAHUI!!!

  • Schlong Dong 4 months ago

    MarineHulk communism

  • mzeeq wan 8 months ago


  • LeJoueurPauvre 7 months ago

    mzeeq wan don't do tapping on your car while driving

  • Alfred Reynolds 8 months ago

    A German in his natural environment.

  • DoggoGaming 22 days ago

    spice it up boi why would a french company which would have lots of money from tanks from both worlds wars get brought by a company which was poor from its factories being blown up?

  • I Am Fine 1 months ago

    Yeah but renault is a french company though...

  • Dusk 9 months ago

    You know it's good if the comment section is filled with asmrists

  • Jack Carroll 3 months ago

    Truss me🤣

  • Daniel 8 months ago

    nah, they just want to put their channel name out there to the masses

  • Chief Massa 8 months ago

    These super bowl commercials get longer every year

  • DiggzY T 27 days ago

    Deeper its a bowl

  • 슈가병환자 4 months ago


  • Sean Barry 3 months ago

    Although this vid has a comparatively low view count, i find it to be one of zeitgeists best videos

  • Arvind Ramesh 2 days ago

    Yeah. I agree.

  • HoLeeFuk 2 months ago

    Sean Barry same

  • Now _this_ is how you do a promotion

  • Vic Castro 9 months ago


  • J M 22 days ago

    The other zeitgeist is in the car

  • LePasy 1 months ago

    @Bob The Builder no, only on the left ear... He didn't do the effect...